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I need some advice on how to treat PIH please :) Multiple questions

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Hey all, so my face is finally near enough clear from spots which im so happy about. Now im stuck with the redmarks which are on my cheeks

For the last 2 weeks I have been using baking soda (Bicarbonate of soda) every other day which has improved my skin a lot it seems but im pretty sure the healing is slowing down when using it now. (Not as much as a quick success as I saw it first of all)

The questions I have is, I still use my BP 2.5 morning and night and I heard sometimes BP slows down the healing of red marks so I want to stop using it especially as I dont want to be as reliant on it but when I do miss a night a couple of spots arise the next day. So should I carry on the BP and add other PIH treatments or should I use the PIH treatments and ignore the spots what come up and hope they just go?

I have been looking into turmeric to heal my skin as well as the use of baking soda. Im kind of confused on how to go with it, how much should I drink of it a day and how long to see a result from it. I dont want to really use it on my face as im not to keen on the idea of a yellow face unless it will work wonders in a matter of days.

Answering even one of these multiple questions, I will be very thankful about :)

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im currently using turmeric to get rid of PIH scars and i've been able to get rid of the "yellow" stains with b.soda and vit.e oil afterwards.

anyway if u like the idea of drinking turmeric to get rid of acne/scars inward -> out then just add a pinch of it to a little bit of milk or water (i heard tho its tastes less with milk :eh: )

if anything just search on how much turmeric to consume :)

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@Ashley - Ahh ok thanks ill try lowering BP. I guess if more spots arrive I can just go back to normal dosage. Yeah when I say nearly clear, its that I have 3 little spots left :) on my face so baking soda doesnt make it worse but clears my PIH :).

@Dragonfly21 - How long have you been using turmeric for exactly on your face and how are the results? and would you say organic would be better or just any turmeric powder? :) thanks in advance

And thanks to you for both replying :)

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