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After Accutane...

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I decided to create this thread to talk about the effects I've noticed after taking accutane. At the start of November 2009, I was prescribed accutane. The dosage was as follows:

Nov - Dec 09: 35mg/day

Jan - Mar 10: 70mg/day

I finished my course whilst travelling Australia and it worked an absolute treat. For all of April, I never needed to check my skin in the mirror; I always knew it was looking good. However, shortly I returned to England in May, I began to notice ominous signs. My face would look blemished and blotchy after a hot shower and pimples soon reappeared around my mouth and nose (generally the offending areas.) By June, I had enough spots to realize that I was not being paranoid about its return - and that accutane hadn't done its job.

I met up with my dermatologist again in July and she was much more understanding than I expected, prescribing me a lower dosage than before, so that the side-effects wouldn't be too severe when I started uni:

Jul 10 - Jan 11: 40mg/day

I gladly finished in early January this year - but was very wary that the acne could return. I hardly had any problems for all of January and February but then began to notice similar omens to before. Once again, a hot shower resulted in a face that looked blotchy and acne-afflicted for half an hour and I had the odd pimple every now and then. My nose also became noticeably oilier and my skin would sometimes swell - as if bitten by a wasp - if I touched it. Now, in April, I'm sure my acne has reappeared - as I currently have about eight pustules around my mouth.

I'm prepared to take accutane again but I was wondering if anyone's had similar issues before - and what might actually work this time...


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