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I really need some support right now :(

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I never thought it was possible to feel this low and I never thought it was possible to hate myself this much. This evil monster that goes by the name of 'Acne' is ruining my life, it's already taken away every inch of self of my esteem, and it's starting my poison my relationships with people, my work, and every thought in my head. Every person I've opened up to about this is clear skinned, and they just don't get it, no matter how hard they try. I just wish I could claw at my face until everything has gone away.

I first suffered with mild acne about 4 years ago, but I managed to get rid of it with a prescribed antibiotic topical lotion. After about two years of being acne free, it came back with a vengence and it has gradually got to the point where it's now moderate/severe (I'm now 20). I have done everything I can think of to fix it - I came off the birth control pill as I was convinced for a while it caused it as one of the side effects was acne, I've used almost every 'mircale' product on the shelves, I've retried the lotion that worked first time, I've used a dozen natural home remedies, ranging from lemon juice and honey, to washing my face with sea salt, and I also turned vegan which is the most drastic trial to date (I've been vegan for 3 weeks now).

These past two weeks I also tried using as little products as possible, sticking only to a gentle fragrance and soap free cleanser (just a general cleanser, not one specified for acne) without even moisturising. I also didn't use any make up, but in this short space of time, it has just got more angry looking. I used to be able to cover it up quite well with make up, but not anymore. It gets rid of a bit of redness but it's covered in big angry bumps and tiny whiteheads that show through the layers of make up. I think the main reason it has got worse is because I've not worn any make up which means I can constantly inspect my skin and pick it even more. When I have make up on, I refrain from picking it as I'd spoil my half an hours worth of effort putting it on. I'm also wondering whether maybe being vegan has made it worse, or whether it's just a coincidence? Anyone had any good/bad experiences with acne when being vegan?

As of Friday, I started taking Tetralysal 300mg/lymecycline 408mg antibiotics. The doc gave me two months worth but said I'd probably need to take it for about 6 months. He said to be warned it might get worse before it gets better but can it really get worse in 3 days? What are peoples experiences of this antibiotic? I've read some good reviews and some bad reviews. A lot of people seem to say it works, until you come off it. I'm hoping so badly that it works, and I hope that by the time I come off it that I would've outgrown acne. I really hope I'm not still suffering with this when I'm 30.

I think basically, I just need some reassurance from you guys that it'll get better, because right now I can't see the light at the end of the tunnel. The tunnel is endless and black. Non-acne sufferers just don't understand. I also want to hear your opinions/experiences/thoughts on the things that I've tried - basically, anything that might help, I'd love to hear... please? I can't do this alone anymore.

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i totally understand what you are going through. i gave up on confiding in people without acne a long time ago b/c they just really dont get it. thats why i like this community so much b/c you can come here and find others that can relate to what you are going through. i suffered with acne for a long time and what finally cleared me was sulfur and a low dairy diet. as for makeup, i wear it often and it doesnt break me out. its a matter of finding the right one for your skin. same goes for products. i really wish you the best. feel free to PM me anytime you want to vent.

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Hi there.

Well I'll say this - I do know what you're going through. When your acne's bad, you just can't not think about it. Every time people look at you, you think they're noticing how horrible your spots are. Damn, I have definitely been there.

Being a vegan isn't necessarily going to hurt or help your cause. I mean... if you want to take the nutritional route, it's just about finding those things that break you out. Now of course the first one people try is dairy, but that shouldn't be a problem for you. Then there are processed carbs and stuff like potatoes.

To be honest, I only cut out all these things some time last year to lose weight for a wedding, but that diet combined with regular exercise had the very pleasant side effect of reducing my acne to about 50% of the level I have on a more regular diet. Okay it's not perfect, but it's the best result I've had from the things I've tried, and hell, I tried the urine therapy, so I've tried a lot.

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