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100 days on the DKR. Just recently started to look sunburned??

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hey guys!

so ive been on the regmen for about 100 days now.( acne is all gone, just some mark left, and dry areas of skin) but a couple days ago, I started looking sunburned?(havent been in the sun at all). why am i just now getting a red face? I was using 3 pumps of BP twice a day. I didnt change up a thing.

now im wondering if I should reduce BP to one time a day? will this cause my acne to return?(biggest fear ever).

idk what to do..


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I use the DKR as part of my treatment for getting clear. I never did use the full dose, When I started, I just used 1 to 1 1/2 pumps of the old style bottle (= approx. 1 1/2 to 2 pumps of new style bottle) once per day. I reduced that to just 3 times per week some time ago & my acne hasn't returned.

I have thought of stopping the BP altogether, but, like you, I am fearful of my acne returning.

The DKR was only part of my regimen as shown in my gallery, but if I was you I would either reduce the amount to 2 pumps twice per day, or, as you say, 3 pumps once per day. Give it a month or 2 to see how it goes.

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hey thanks man. i think im gonna apply a VERY small amount of BP a night, followed by a ton of moisturizer. then just spot treat in the morning.

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