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My experimental oil control regimen

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In the hope that one day I might be able to control my facial oil, my epidermal experimentation continues!

My regimen right now consists of 3 things:

1. tazarotene cream (zorac) at night;

2. vitamin b3 cream (nicam) during the day;

3. a twice daily 200mg lactoferrin supplement.

I've been on my new regimen for about 2 weeks. My skin is tighter than it was before (when I move my jaw and facial muscles around there is greater resistance) but I don't know whether this is a reduction in oil or simply dehydrated skin. My skin is not flaking or exfoliating noticeably so I think there is at least some oil control going on. My skin still appears oily so it's certainly not turning off the oil completely.

There's some science indicating that taz and b3 reduce oil production but the lactoferrin only has one oil control experiment. I'm skeptical of the lactoferrin given the little evidence but I'm going to try it anyway.

One thing I'll say about the taz is that my skin is _much_ smoother. I started the taz about 1 week before I started the other 2 and I saw a very quick skin improvement (3-4 days).

I've been able to reduce my BP use which I'm very happy about. There is evidence that BP increases oil production so I'd prefer not to use it if I can. I'm using BP once or twice a week now for a few hours where before I had to use it every day to keep my skin clear.

I've having to use moisturiser in places where I don't apply either cream. My first thought was that this means the lactoferrin is having an effect however creams can have systemic effects as I found out with the nobiletin.

If it continues to keep my skin clear I'll continue with the new oil control regimen and periodically report my progress here for y'all! :D

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No joke. Jojoba oil. It will dry your skin out like crazy. I'm actually having a problem with severe dry skin that I have to stop using it. And I have always been an oil slick. I'm only able to wash my face once a day and I have to moisturize twice a day in order to combat the dryness. Go for it if you're seriously oily. I'm praying my oil production comes back because I want to go on accutane.

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Reduce polyunsaturated fat intake to almost nil if you want to stop oil production.

Do not believe this?

- Buy a bottle of omega 3 fish oil from myprotein or somewhere similar.

- Take 15ml per day and watch your face ooze with oil.

- Results from self-experimentation are mroe useful than ten years reading forum posts.

The main culprits are sauces/dressings, cooking oil, baked products, dairy. The main one people fail to realise is the sauce category. Everyone eats things with sauce on now (pasta sauce, mayo, bolognaise, etc..) All contains a shit tonne of vegetable oil.

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