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Let me start out by saying, I never had problems with acne growing up, like I could probably count on one hand how many pimples I had my whole life until right around my 21 birthday about 5 months ago in November. It began slowly creeping up my face starting from the sides of my chin up my cheeks. It has pretty much just stayed on my cheeks and I never had a problem with my forehead, nose and rarely with my chin, so really just my cheeks. It is mostly just little clogged pores but all over my cheeks and looks terrible (to me). I began using solodyn 45 mg. which an inexperienced derm near my house gave me along with ziana that gave me huge cyst like pimples, which I had never experienced before. About a month after that I went to the gyno and got on Yaz BC. which is supposed to help as well. After a couple months of very little success I decided to go to a highly recommended derm in Dallas (Park Cities Dermatology). He was very sweet and sympathetic to me and put me on Solodyn 115 mg. (3x what I was put on before) which I have been taking for a month now, I'm still on yaz (halfway through month 4), just started using Veltin gel a couple nights ago and aczone in the morning, which I have using for a few weeks now and finally, using a glycolic acid wash called MD Forte I which makes my skin soft and clean feeling and is supposed to clear pores and help with redness (hyperpigmentation). On top of all this my foundation is "acne clearing" from Clinique with a very low percentage of Salicylic Acid in it. I have been with this regimen, minus the Veltin which I have been using for a couple days now, for about a month. I have only a few bumps left on each cheek and they are very small, I only have one pimple on my right cheek but it is surfaced and looks ready to pop. I do still have hyperpigmentation in little patches on both my cheeks which is horribly embarrasing and makes me not want to go outside bc it's hard to cover with makeup unless I want to look layered and orange. It's almost summer time and I would love for my bumps to finally go away so I can start getting rid of my red marks. Does anyone have a similar experience with any of this that could give me some insight on if all this is really going to keep working and how quickly I can expect complete results? My acne severity is now very light but was mild in the beginning. Please help!

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