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how get rid of acne

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hi i'm new to this website...i have joined because i really need help.

please please i need help to get rid of my acne..i've had them for a long time and i've used sooo many face products, acne products but none of them are working. its absolutely horrible. i hate to see my face in the mirror and i try to hide it away with makeup but it does not work at all sooo please please please give me some advice.. i will be sooo happy if anyone gave me very good advice....beacause i'm sure you've all been in my shoes, very desperate for help..thank you very much. :surprised:

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Hey there!

I was in the same position as you not too long ago with bad acne on my face despite trying countless products including Dans Regimen. None of these worked for me, infact most made my acne worse and i started to become allergic to alot of the products, they would give me severe burns and rashes on my skin.

I decided it was time to change my diet instead and see if that would work. I wasn't really optimistic about it as i knew many people who ate crap and junk food 24/7 with perfectly clear skin, so i didn't really believe that diet and acne were related too much, however now i am totally the opposite, i beleive that changing you're diet is by far the best way to get rid of acne permanently.

I researched many different diets and found out about the Paleo Diet, it's basically eating like our ancestors did hundreds of thousands of years ago (acne didn't exist back then) by cutting out certain foods such as dairy, gluten, processed, wheat based products that have recently been introduced into our lifestyles as the human race. These products are widely believed to be the main triggers of acne, the theory is that our body is not used to digesting these products as for millions of years we did not eat them and our bodys have still not adapted to digesting them properly.

This has worked for me really well so far and has for many others on this board, if you search 'paleo diet' in the search bar you will find a whole thread dedicated to it with many success stories. There is a lot info on the diet and i'd be more than happy to answer any questions you have!

Hope this helps. :)

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