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Hi there,

I've been reading these forums for quite a while.

English isn't my main language, so please don't be too harsh on me :surprised:

So I've been fighting acne for about 2 years. I'm 21 (male).

I had acne since I was about 16-17 but at that time it was fairly light.

2 years ago I had a huge breakout. And when I say huge, it's... HUGE.

My right cheek was FULL of big pimples. Rest of face was quite bad, but almost nice when comparer to the cheek lol.

Now my acne is MUCH lighter (read I don't hide my face anymore whenever I go out), but still have some bad issues.

Here is what worked for me :

- BP : be it 2.5, 5 or 10%, they had about the same effect of my skin. No irritation or sideffects apart from light peeling, just don't overdo it early.

At the one month mark, you'll see some results, but they became really great after 3 months.

- Differin (0.1) : I've been on this one for about 1 week and a half, and I must say it's quite effective. I know you're supposed to wait about 3 months to see if it's effective or not, but prior to applying this, I had some AHA treatment for about 2 months and I really had some bad breakouts. So I think because I broke out a lot beforehand, differin's effect was a bit faster.

- BP + Differin (BP in the morning, Differin before sleeping) has worked really well for me so far.

- AHA : worked for me the first time, but last time I tried, results were pretty bad.

Some general advice that worked for me :

- Sleep well !! This is very important. Whenever I sleep less than 9-10 hours (yes, I need about 10 hours of daily sleep to feel fine), I see consequences on my skin the next days. So sleep as much as you can.

- Watch what you eat. Now this is a controversial issue, I know. But I know for SURE that some food have pretty bad effects on me : number one is cheese. During a school year I learnt a bad equation : one piece of cheese = one pimple. Other food don't seem to have much effect on me.

Junk food worsen my skin a bit, but I think it's because it usually has a bit of cheese in it.

But again every skin is different, this is just from my personal experience.

- Moisturize, especially if you're using some sort of cream or gel that dries off your skin.

- Don't wash your face too often. Twice or once a day is fine. And be gentle.

- Don't touch your face in ANY way. If you HAVE to pop a whitehead, you can do so, but only if it looks like it's going to come out of its own anyway, and as cleanly as possible.

- Don't overthink about your acne. People you see during the day can't look at you from every angle like you do in front of your mirror. When I had a clear face (god bless those times), when I saw a dude with acne, I paid no attention to him, no big deal !

- Don't lose hope !

I read a lot of different advices all over the internet, but these are the ones who were really effective.

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yeah, sleep definitely helps, but it's hard to get much when you wake up at 6 for school. during the summer, when I'm getting more sleep, I hardly get any pimples.

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When I lack sleep, I usually get new pimples in the evening. Like 3-4 usually, so yeah it's pretty bad.

Needing those 9 hours really feels unfair :think:

Still breaking out from the differin, not too badly though. I think BP really is more effective when combined with differin, much more than when I was using BP alone. It may depend on what type of acne you have.

I agree that with school, it is pretty hard to get a lot of sleep :/ Holiday sure help my skin a lot. I just had a one week break, and my left cheek went from ugly(red, full of scars and pimples) to nearly clean.

Yes mirrors are somewhat bad for acne, remove them if you can, or just take a quick look each morning/evening if you can help it.

I think picking is the worst enemy of acne. It usually makes the pimple worse, and spreads the bacteria around. Try not to touch your face for just a week and I think you'll see an improvement. I know it is hard but it really helps.

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Yes, red marks are a lot darker. Sleeping early might help, I heard that you regenerate better the earlier you sleep, as in sleep hours before midnight are more sleep efficient than late hours. It might make a difference sleeping from 9 PM to 6 AM than midnight to 9 AM. Only speculating here, since it's been forever last time I went to bed earlier than 11PM.

Anyway, good sleeping habits are great for general health, so nothing to lose here. Hardest part is sticking to it.

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