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Lymecycline and yasmin

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I'm just writing this for myself, to keep a log of my skin's behaviour and see how it reacts to different things, so I can see where I'm going wrong!

Been on lymecycline and yasmin for 10 days. Definitely better than it was a week ago, but still not clear.

Last night washed face and used aloe vera gel. Skin has purged this morning.

Left cheek is clear, left chin cyst has gone down but 2 small bumps near it have come to a head.

Right cheek four under the surface spots have finally come to a head with the aloe. Popped these, now they just look awful. Right side of chin is covered in bumps from purging. Really upset about this :(

This morning had a bath with clarins tonic. Washed face with E45 emollient wash, and left this on the face for a while as a mask. Rinsed off.

Used Xen Tan gradual tanner as a moisturiser, before going out in the sun for a nice dose of Vitamin D.

Showering in four hours to remove tan. Will use emollient wash again, followed by Dermalogica Active Moist, ready for the concert tonight!

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Hi I know this is late but I myself am on Yasmin, Lymecycline and use Aloe Vera Gel everyday. How did you find the combination of the three to be

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