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Olive Oil As A facial Moisturizer?

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Heyy, I have read many good reviews on extra virgin olive oil, yet a few bad experiences aswell.

I tryed this out lastnight & a zit started to form on my cheek, i'm not sure if this was caused by the oil or not so I will be continuing...I'm still concerned that this may cause breakouts so I plan on deluting the olive oil with a few drops of tea tree oil & water.

Has anybody else tried the extra virgin olive oil trick, did it work for you? Also, does the tea tree oil + water sound like a good plan or no?


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First, all the charts I have seen rank Olive Oil as a 2 on a scale of 0 to 5 of comedogenicity. That is, it is slightly comedogenic (pore clogging) and cause pimples. So I would not use it personally on face shoulders or back. It should be a good moisturizer on hands and other areas though.

Note that these studies are done on rabbits--so it is possible (but unlikely) some substance may clog rabbit skin maybe not human skin. But I doubt that.

Second, one cannot dilue oil with water, as they are not miscible.

I'm not familiar with tree tea oil.

see http://www.dermadoctor.com/article_Comedogenicity_158.html , http://www.beneficialbotanicals.com/facts-...nic-rating.html , and http://www.dermaxime.com/acne-comedogenic-ingredients.htm

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Yes ashley has a good point, its not stable but water will help you spread a small amount over a large area if applied in time. #olive: I think their are way better oils out their, that don't clog and have been proven to help acne: grape seed, jojoba, etc... for the TTO and water I started that recently and am having great results i don't even dilute it I just get a cotton ball wet and add 3 drops of TTO - spread it around with my finger and tone :geek:

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