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Combination strategy

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I've found there's no single "magic bullet" that prevents acne. What works for me is a combination of dietary and hygenic tactics.

My diet includes portions of carbohydrates adequate to satisfy my caloric needs, but they are complex carbohydrates, i.e. whole grains, vegetables, and low-sugar fruits such as apples. I never drink more than 1 ounce of fruit juice at one time, because more than that simply contains too much sugar which is quickly absorbed into the bloodstream from the stomach. The carbohydrates are balanced by portions of protein from meats such as salmon and turkey, and from eggs, nuts, and small portions of cheese such as low-fat mozzarella. Fats are an important component of a healthy diet, as they diminish the appetite for carbohydrates. I use plenty of olive oil in my cooking, and the nuts I snack on contain monounsaturated fats, which are good for you.

In previous posts, I wrote about the natural anti-bactierial activity of crushed, raw garlic included in the diet. I also wrote about using an antiseptic applied topically to the face. What works best for me is a dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite (bleach), 1/2 to 1 teaspoon dissolved in a liter of water, with a drop of liquid soap or mild detergent added to improve wetting of the skin. Care must be taken not to get any of the solution into the eyes. If that occurs, flush eyes with running water for 15 minutes. Apply the solution after washing, and let it air dry.

Good hygene is also important. After washing, do not use a towel to dry the face; let it air dry. Always use clean bed sheets and pillow cases. Brush the teeth regularly, and use mouthwash.

I have found the combination of all of the above tactics to be the strategy that prevents acne for me.

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Thanks for the tips...a similar diet worked for me in the past. Only now I'm vegetarian so its harder to get the amounts of protein. I've also found that lemon juice can work pretty well as a topical antiseptic...its true that you have to attack it from all angles. I just get lazy sometimes--its so much work!!!

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