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CleanZyme and SkinZyme cleared me up in just a few days. Seriously you guys, try this already.

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(First of all, let me say that I have no connection to Jan Marini skincare except that I bought their products. I'm not a shill, I'm just sharing what worked for me and there's almost no existing discussion of this stuff.)

So I'm a semi-frequent visitor to these boards, but I rarely post. Making an exception today.

Background: I'm currently nearing the end of my second course of accutane. This round has been very different from the previous. The first time, my skin cleared up in a month and stayed clear for the rest of the course, as well as for a year after my last dose. During that course I had very dry skin, but it dried evenly and what didn't slough off on its own would come off whenever I took a shower. Unfortunately, my acne came back, and after trying several different topicals and antibiotics (topicals did nothing, antibiotics worked very well while I was taking them but acne came right back as soon as I would stop) my derm decided to put me on another course of accutane.

This course has been a completely different experience. My acne is far less severe, but I don't think I've been totally clear since I started. It's almost all small whiteheads, but I'll wake up with three or four new ones and at the end of every day I'll have three or four new ones. On top of this, my skin is extremely dry, but it's very uneven. One part of my face will be nearly raw while another part will have a thick, hard layer of dead skin that won't come off from washing and that I refuse to pick off since that will likely make it worse. On the first course my skin was flaky and dry. On this course it seems to be peeling the way a sunburn peels which is making it much more difficult to deal with. So yeah, bad situation.

Since I assumed my continued breakouts were most likely due to these skin problems, I researched products that help with that sort of thing. I found SkinZyme and CleanZyme, which had decent reviews but were fairly pricey. They're supposed to have enzymes in them that can digest dead skin cells but don't damage healthy cells. If I hadn't been so desperate I likely wouldn't have bought them.

This is my fourth day using SZ and CZ (CZ is a cleanser, SZ is a mask) and for the past two days, and except for one tiny whitehead that popped up on my chin this morning, I haven't broken out at all. I also don't have the bizarre peeling anymore and the dryness is much more even. The patches of very thick dead skin are totally gone. The product isn't completely perfect since I do still have a little bit of flakiness, which I use Dan's moisturizer to deal with, but I'd say the problem is 97% solved.

So yeah, I know it's an expensive product (I'll link to the website below but you can find lower prices elsewhere. I just used Google Shopper.) but I recommend taking a chance on it. I've been on too many prescription and otc topicals to count and none of them have worked as well or as quickly or with as little skin irritation as this stuff. Hopefully it will work as well for you as it is for me.


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