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Question about initial breakouts

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Hi all,

I'm 27 and I started Accutane on March 11th after suffering from moderate but persistant acne since I was 13. I'm taking 20mg and 40mg on alternating days. For the first 3 weeks I saw definite improvement and my skin started clearing up extremely well. But over the last 5 days I've started breaking out all over my face. It's mostly small whiteheads but also these raised, red, inflamed looking patches that don't look like acne lesions but a rash of some kind. My skin feels extremely uneven to touch and has never looked as bad as it does now. I'm feeling extremely discouraged and frustrated by this :wall:

I'd read about initial breakouts and knew to expect one but I guess I was so excited about how well everything was going for the first 3 weeks that I thought maybe I'd been spared. Anyway, since I'm not seeing my dermatologist again until a week from now I thought I'd ask if anyone else had experienced an initial breakout this bad? How long did it last until you started seeing some real improvement? Obviously it varies from person to person but I'm just interested to hear other people's experiences.

I've attached a couple of photos. April 1st is day 21 of the medication and April 7th is day 27. Because of the flash my skin tone looks more even than it is in real life in the photos from yesterday.

Thanks for reading! :)




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Accutane generally takes months to work, during which time your skin condition may fluctuate greatly and regularly.

Only start worrying if you are still breaking out 4 months after your first pill. Before then, pimples are common.

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