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Acne Diet... help please!

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I've read post after post about acne and diet so I have finally decided to try it out next month when I am home for the summer, if I can get a job anyway. But my acne is just getting worse I ust had an appointment with my derm last friday i was given a shot to reduce swelling and inflamation and a pill and cream to remove yeast from my pores (confused? I was) she said I should see significant results within two to three days and that ill probably be starting accutane next month :confused: which worries me. I really like the idea of using natural products on my skin so I was very reluctant to go back to all these chemicals. It was working for the first two days but i really think it was the shot that was working because as the shot was wearing off my acne began to return. So a week later my I'mm back in the same old acne predicament. And i am so sick of it! 'm a freshmen in college and this has really taken a toll on my self esteem.

But anyway the reason for this post is because I really want to try an organic/candida diet similiar to the diet user anonymou5 has successfuly used to clear his acne as well as the juice fasting. Could anyone point me into a general reliable site to get all the info I need to know or is there a good book that anyone would recommend for this kind of diet (a book would be better). I noticed that on these diets staying away from dairy is a must does that mean yogurt too (Greek?) would it be better if it was organic milk or just no milk at all? Could I sub soy milk?

I also like to munch on soybeans would that be booted out too? And last question I drink at least 2 cups of green tea a day and I sweeten it with agave nectar would this be another thing I would have to give up?

Thanks so much for reading through all of this and hopefully answering my questions

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I don't know anything about that person's diet, but what you want is a healthy lifestyle with natural circadian cycle, stress management, physical activity and a nutrient dense, anti-inflammatory blood sugar stabilizing diet that doesn't include anything you have an intolerance for.

Start by avoiding processed foods and drinks, especially those with sugar, grains and hydrogenated/trans fats. Eat more real, whole nutrient dense foods like dark greens and broccoli, berries and fish. Drink only unsweetened teas and water and such. Use lots of plant herbs, spices and teas. More information on the many ways diet and lifestyle affect acne and what to do about it:


You need to try avoiding all dairy for at least a month to test for intolerance. If you notice no improvement from that, then you may try adding small amounts of dairy like yogurt, kefir and cheese. But dairy shouldn't be a big part of your diet. There are other ways it contributes to acne besides intolerance.

I would not sub soy milk. It's very common to be intolerant to soy and it's estrogenic which could help and it could make things worse. Also, soy is one of the worst sources of lectins many of which are damaging. And there is a theory that they inhibit the enzyme that normally dissolves the proteins holding together skin cells lining the pore, so that they can flake away without clogging pores. The doctor who proposes this theory considers the lectins in gluten, soy, dairy and peanuts to be the worst.

And yes, you should drop the agave nectar. It is pure fructose. It would be better to drink unsweetened or use stevia, but if you must honey is a better option that agave nectar. It has a 1:1 ration of fructose to glucose. And if you are going to have honey or sugar sweetened tea, have it with some meal containing fiber and fat to lower the glycemic impact. Never drink or eat sugar by itself.

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