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Finacea + Duac - Help Please

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Okay, so here's my story: During the summer I used the MaxClarity foam acne system and for the most part it helped but didn't clear me up 100 percent and I would always still breakout. Up until December I used things like the Neutrogena 7-Day Acne Intervention kit and other OTC acne treatment systems. Starting December of 2010 my dermatologist put me on the regimen of: Doryx 150MG pill + Veltin both before bedtime daily. Around February she added Duac to add to the regimen to use in the morning. As always, some days my acne was good and my skin looking decent, and some days I was miserable. For the past month and a half or so, my skin has been peeling/flaking ALOT and looks very very flourished/red around my cheeks. The only way to get rid of the flaking for a day or two is to exfoliate when I get home from school and then load on my moisturizer.

Today, my dermatologist removed the Veltin from my regimen and gave me Metrogel hoping it would help the redness. She told me to use Doryx and Metrogel at night, and in the morning use the Duac. She also brought up in the room that Finacea is another option that could help but she decided to prescribe Metrogel instead. I've been reading online a lot that Finacea helps drastically with redness and acne and I am deciding to use the Finacea that my mom had (the derma gave it to her for her mild Rosacea and she has lots of the Finacea left) instead of the Metrogel.

Now my questions are:

1 - When should I take my Finacea/Duac? Is it better to use Finacea in the morning to prevent me from getting red throughout the day and use Duac at night, or should I use it at night and use my Duac in the morning?

Extra info: Normally I take Duac in the morning (have been since February) but recently I believe that my Duac is the reason I have the white flaking on my cheeks throughout the day, however I could be wrong.

2 - Would using Finacea AND Duac together at night be too much for my skin? I saw in another thread that someone had fantastic results and at nighttime used both together. Note that the spots I am red are also the spots I mainly break out (cheeks/side of face) so I cant use Finacea on the red spots and Duac on the spots I break out without having them on top of each other.

Thank you to anybody who helps! Any help is greatly appreciated :D

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