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Small zits spreading like wildfire on neck! Not sure what to do!

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I'll try and be brief and clear. I've been (relatively) clear for roughly two years now, I'm on a prescribed regimen of Clindoxyl Gel and Differin (Clin. in morning and Differin in evening), I use Spectro cleanser and Cetaphil moisturizer. I treat acne on my forehead, nose area, chin, part of my neck, and jawline.

On this regimen, up until recently, I used to occasionally get a few zits here and there, but most of my skin problems came in the form of dry skin and red marks. So, not too many problems. And, most importantly, my neck didn't have much acne.

However, in January or Februrary I decided that the electric shaver that I was using was too irritating, so I opted to use Dan's reccommended razor - the Gillette Sensor Excel. For shaving cream I simply used my gel cleanser, and I only used the manual razor on my neck. (I still used the electric for my chin)

Anyway, I end up breaking out quite a bit with small pustules and whiteheads on the sides of my neck (though not under my chin :think:), and I never really had problems in that area before. Those parts of my neck have usually been pretty clear. Obviously, these were caused by either the irritation of my new razor, or the irritation of cleansing it/rubbing it, etc. when I didn't need to.

So, I started putting some BP on those areas as well, and now I'm left with a mess of red skin, marks and plenty of zits on my neck.


-What should my plan of action be? Should I simply start treating that area as well?

-Or should I ignore it completely, not use my new razor there, not cleanse there, no BP or differin there, nothing? (Considering that I hadn't had any problems there before, I'm assuming that if I stop messing with it, it might go away)

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