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1 year post treatment scars getting worse

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I'd be interested to hear anyones opinion on my experiences,

June & August 09Fractional non ablative Palomar laser

September 09IPL for hyperpigmentation

November 09 & Jan 10Dermaroller (professional treatment)

I have not had any treatment in over a year, on and off during the past 12 months I've used a Red LED, 3/4 weeks at a time for about 6 minutes a day with gaps of months with no LED use.

The only skin products I use are Jan Marini Bioglycolic face wash, a spot control mosituriser and sunscreen. In recent weeks in particular I've noticed changes to my scarring and not for the better.

It seems to me that I have areas of new collagen production which are slightly raised and makes my idented scars (mainly rolling scars) more noticeable. Generally my cheeks look more uneven than before treatments.

As these scar treatments effect both healthy skin as well as scars I would be interested to know if people think this may produce some increased collagen in healthy skin?

Also as I recently started using the Red LED again and scarring seems to be continuing to change for the worse any thoughts on the possibility of LED's causing problems so long after treatments would be very welcome.


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yes, resurfacing techniques such as dermarolling stimulate collagen production in healthy skin and raise the skin up

whenever you damage skin, it responds by creating scar tissue, which consists of collagen--if the wound is small, there is less scar tissue and the skin is able to heal more "normally" (as in closer in physiology to your original, healthy skin), if the wound is large, then there is more scar tissue and the skin heals less "normally"

so yes, it's possible that your treatments have raised certain parts of your scars more than others, as well as having raised healthy skin... but since it's been over a year since your last treatment, it could be something else

unfortunately, i dont know anything about LED's, but i recommend you look into subcision for your rolling scars

and it's probably a good idea to stop your LED treatments if you havent done so already, and see if the condition gets worse.. if it stops getting worse, it could very well be the LED

good luck!

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Thanks Brawn,

I have stopped the LED use, having previously used it every day for about 3-4 weeks. I've heard some positive reviews for subcision, my only concern with it might be as some of the scars don't have defined sharp edges that there would be a risk of healthy skin being needled also and result in a similar problem of raised collagen deposits on healthy skin.

Other than my acne scarring I have one large flat fairly shallow scar from stupidly using a microdermabrasion cloth too vigorously does anyone have any thoughts on if subcision would be suitably for such a scar?


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in subcision, the needle is inserted and moved back and forth to break the tissue that is tethering the top layer of skin to the scar tissue

if the needle hits healthy tissue, it should not be too big of a problem since the needle is pretty thin... the amount that it could possibly raise it couldn't possibly be noticeable.. besides, this risk is much less than the risks associated with other scar treatments

and the results are more than worth it (:

but of course, you still want to minimize this risk, so this is where we factor in the skill of the surgeon. find a FACIAL plastic surgeon who has done LOTS of subcisions and ask for PICTURES, you only have one face, you deserve to be a little paranoid with your treatment

is the large flat fairly shallow scar, flat? or slightly raised, or slightly depressed? this scar may be different than normal acne scars because acne scars form under the skin, whereas the scar that you are describing that is due to microdermabrasion may have formed on the surface of the skin

if the scar is depressed, then try stretching the scar, if it raises up, that means that it is not tethered down, meaning subcision wouldnt be effective

but this may not be noticeable since you said that it's pretty much flat

best option is to go see a doctor :)

good luck !

Edited by Brawn

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The large microdermabrasion scar is a bit unusual, the edge of it seems to have raised slightly since my treatments but generally it's slightly depressed, when stretched it does seem to raise up or at least looks less visible.

It sounds then that subcision might not be appropriate for this scar as it is probable damage to the surface rather than damage from deeper within. I did however read on some surgeons website somewhere that they use subcision for depressed scars from acne or other trauma to the skin.

It would I'm guessing be to shallow and large to excise and I'd have my concerns about lasers so I'll probably have to research alternative approaches.


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