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oh no!.....right when its time to go back to school and take pictures and stuff....a get a big ol pimple right on my nose bb_eusa_wall.gif

so i need to get rid of it fast, is there a fast way to get rid of em? i dont know what kind of a pimple it is....there were two of these that started forming a few days ago....one on my bridge of the nose (almost right between the eyes) and the one i talked about ealirer....the one on the bridge of my nose seems to be disappearing without every creating a real pimple (i could feel the lump under my skin and it was red, but its not so red anymore and its smaller), but the one right on my nose looks like its turning into a big red pimple

to get rid of pimples fast, what can i do?

would on the spot treatment work? how do you do this? do you just plop a bunch of bp on it? do you rub the bp in so it disappears, or just put a big white blob on it and let it sit there?

thanks in advance! plz respond today!

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Rub some on the spot on and keep putting it on throughout the day. It might dry up so when you wake up in the morning use a little bit of scrub to get rid of any dry skin and then put some coverup on it. Whatever you do don't pick at it or it will scab and you won't be able to cover it nicely.

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thanks for the reply!

can it be any bp cream, or does it specifially have to say "on the spot"?

also, i wont be able to wear makeup or coverup or whatever that is...im a guy and i dont have any makeup sad.gif

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