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A couple of questions regarding Differin, help much appreciated

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Today's been a rather active day for me regarding my acne problem - first time visiting a derm and first post on acne.org. I'm sort of on a crossroad as to what to do next, so I'm hoping the community can alleviate some confusion.

Anyway, the whole point of seeing a doctor was that I'm completely fed up with acne after 10+ years of frustration and I was looking to start a low-dose regimen of Roaccutane (5-10-20 mg/d) after reading some very interesting research on the topic. The good news (as I see it anyway - I'd rather keep any discussions about whether isotretinoin is a godly gift or a horrible curse out of this particular thread) is that the doc completely agreed with my idea and told me she'd had excellent results treating patients with low dose isotretinoin. The bad news is that she declined starting it now, at the verge of summer, due to pretty frightening concerns about sun exposure + Roaccutane (and I reluctantly agreed).

So now I'm at a point where I have a nice large bottle full of an erythromycin solution, a tube of Duac (BP + clindamycin) and a recommendation to try Differin as well. And this all makes me wonder if I have any good options and what would those be.

Duac is just benzoyl peroxide with an antibiotic that I'm probably resistant to (I have used clindamycin before for a few times, with diminishing returns kicking in earlier each time). BP works to a point, but it's not really satisfactory and has unpleasant side effects. I'm obviously skeptical about topical antibiotics - in the ideal case, it (erythromycin) will be a temporary fix for a few months, if it works at all.

This brings me to Differin. Basically: would you recommend using it? Frankly, seems like the best bet right now. I have been using azelaic acid 20% (Skinoren) quite regularly since November, so I'm hoping this might ease the initial breakout. Any kernel of truth in that hope? Secondly, I live pretty far up north, the sun is just starting to warm up my frozen snow-covered city so I'd hate to have to hide myself from the sun for the whole summer. Is sun damage while using Differin a serious concern? Should I just keep using azelaic acid in combo with the antibiotic and hope for the best (Skinored seemed to work at first, but now I'm not sure if it has any positive effect)?

Another slightly unrelated question: the derm suggested using a cream (like Skinoren) at night only and just apply a moisturiser on top of the antibiotic in the morning. Any downsides to using a thick cream during the day? Does it just make things worse?

Thanks for any help, it's more than welcome at this point.

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