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Will 5 or 10% benzoyl work better than 2.5 ?.

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I've been using benzoyl peroxide for a few months now. It works to keep my spots down and dries a lot of them out but just as the old ones are about to heal new ones always break through.

I've been using benzoyl for around 4 months if I'm not mistaken , I have Dan's stuff but it's nearly ran out and I wont be able to afford it again. I'll be just using Benzoyl Peroxide then that you can buy in a pack over here cheap and another moisturizer too when that runs out ( not sure which yet ).

Here's a pic of my acne I've posted before, it's been this way for years , getitng a little worse now and then. I also get the odd spot here and there on my forehead. In fact it looks a little worse than this now.


My question is , if Benzoyl 2.5% has been working but not to the point where it clears me up completely would it be worth trying 5% or 10% ?.

Can somebody explain how there is an extra percentage when it's the same size tube , what is actually different ?.

Thanks in advance for any help.

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The effectiveness of BP maxes out at 2.5%, so although 5% and 10% formulations have a higher percentage of BP in them, they're not any more effective against acne; just more drying and irritating for your skin, which can actually bring on more breakouts. Stick with the 2.5%. When in doubt, simply use more of it. ; )

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I'm hesitant to use more since it's already making my face quite dry even with Dan's moisturiser.

Unbelivably I actually have accutane and I've had it for two months. I can't start it though since I'm currently under going investigations since I lost nearly 2 stone in a month and was having trouble digesting food , if it turns out to be something like Chrons obviously accutane would be a terrible idea. I'm waiting to get my results back before even considering it.

I doubt I'll start it anyway though after having these few problems. I'd rather have acne forever than a horrible painful disease.

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