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Miss CP

Q about Hormonal Acne?

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I am a 23Yr O female. I am not SUPER hairy, but I have went for lazer hair removal treatments on some parts of my body and when I was younger I was bugged about my hairy arms, I also have white hairs on my face (approx 5mm long on my chin, cheeks and moustache area) I nair them though.

So my question is, Does anyone think that my minor bacne (rarely facial acne) is caused by horomones?

Do you think that Spiro or a birth control pill other than the one I am on (Seasonale) would be beneficial? My doctor is sort of care-less and didn't even ask me questions when I brought it up to her, she just prescribed my differin. I would much rather go on Spiro then have to remember to apply a cream every night which is time consuming and means I cant go in the sun.

Anyones advice would be helpful.

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i had cystic acne on my face for years. roughly from 23 - 27.

food allergies is my cause, but i only figured that out with trial

and error tactics found via this site.

i tried spiro from 26 - 30. i am 30 now. it worked for me but i

can't say that with 100% certainty because i figured out that

i was actually having cystic reactions to the (monsanto)

manufactured growth steroid, rBST at the same time i went on spiro .

i had to get off spiro/birth control last year because it has a "low chance"

of causing breast cancer ... and i had a lump in my boob mid last year.

so i am now off all birth control and spiro as well as i don't eat meats and

dairy that contain rBST. i am clear 85 - 90% of the time now.

good luck in figuring out what causes your acne. if you really must take

man made drugs to fix it though, stay aware of their side effects and never

stop trying to figure out what the real trigger is. i'm beginning to think

doctors and pharmaceuticals are all in it together to keep us sick and

paying for health. try to figure it out on your own.

good luck.

Edited by girl-WITHOUT-acne

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