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This message is not meant to BASH Dan or his regimen. I simply want people to know that the Regimen is NOT FOR EVERYONE. I see a LOT of posts asking for advice because people have irritated skin from the regimen, or their acne is getting worse, etc.

I tried the regimen for about 3 months. I had to stop because my face looked TERRIBLE. I follwed it exactly how Dan states, even though it took FOREVER to get ready in the morning.

I don't think I was allergic to Benzol, because I have used it in the past with no side effects.

By the third month I had the leathery looking skin that everyone talks about. My face was flaking like crazy and I was still breaking out bad. Also, I had a hard time wearing makeup because my skin condition was so bad.

I was about to lose hope, when I decided to go to Sephora with my friend. I spoke with the Skin Care Specialist and he recommended the GoClear line for me. I stoppped the Regimen cold turkey and switched to GoClear. I Washed my face day and night with the cleanser, I applied the serum (Salycylic acid treament) as a spot treatment and I moisturized with Cereve lotion.

A few weeks later all the dead skin was gone and my acne was going away. HOWEVER, using the BENZOL FROM THE REGIMEN RUINED MY SKIN, AS I WAS LEFT WITH BRIGHT RED MARKS ALL OVER MY FACE!!! Unfortunately Benzol is notorious for leaving marks.

Since January, I have been using Sephora's skin products (Amore Pacific face wash and Ole Henderson 3 little wonders kit). I also bought a Clarisonic face brush 2 weeks ago. (Dan states that you should only wash your face with your hands super gently for 10 seconds). I disagree in a sense, because I use the clarisonic every night for 1 min and my skin IS AMAZING NOW!!! My pores are smaller, my skin is SUPER SOFT and my acne scars are FINALLY FADING. And now I don't have to spend and extra 30-40min wating for my skin to dry, then the benzol, then the moisturizer.

Moral of the STORY: DONT LOSE HOPE. SOMETHING WILL WORK FOR YOU TO CLEAR YOUR SKIN. Don't think that Dan's regimen is a miracle worker and that you will no doubt get clear.

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