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Inspired by my genius friend who, like me, gets acne, but doesn't wear makeup to cover them up and still somehow feels confident...I decided to do an experiment.

I will not wear any makeup for a month to cover up acne. Rather, I will let my beautiful zits shine through! biggrin.gif What I want to see over the course of the month is:

1. if it makes my face clear up at all

2. if it makes me feel less dependent on makeup

3. if my confidence goes up or down

I'm one of those girls who has been covering up her zits since she was 12 (18 now), so you could say I'm addicted to coverup. I feel naked when I leave the house without it. I also usually want to cry when I see my skin without it...but I am thinking that perhaps if I got more used to seeing my natural skin, that it wouldn't look as bad as it does when I take off my makeup. Kind of embrace imperfection, and try to just accept my natural self...

This is my second day of the experiment and I've already cried and come so close to just slathering some coverup on. But I'm strong!! Haha I feel like a drug addict... laugh.gif

So has anyone else thought about stopping wearing makeup, or how wearing it affects your perception of yourself? I really hope I can stick to this...it should get easier, I think. biggrin.gif

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Girl, I feel for you. I feel pretty when my breakouts aren't that bad so when I put makeup on I look pretty good, but when I take it off.. UGLY!

Wish you the best of luck, you have GUTS! smile.gif

I've considered doing this, but I can't, I just can't

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I'm leaving for college tomorrow, and I just had a major breakout last night....so I'm gonna have to put this experiment off for a little while. I have absolutely no confidence right now...and that's no way to start college. I just had a total mental breakdown about it...and my mom wouldn't believe that it really WAS about my skin.

I gotta remember to try this experiment again when I'm not in such a stressful situation, though.

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I haven't put any foundation on my face for the last 20 days.

I use tinted Benzoil Peroxide cream that treats acne and hides my red scars...

My skin is better now it's also controls oil smile.gif

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I have been using foundation and powder together, religiously, for about the past 7 years. RARELY leave the house without at least this bare minimum. My skin has always been pretty good but I have had occasional bouts with mild to moderate breakouts (and recently severe breakouts caused by my birth control pills.) So in a nutshell, all this time I have been wearing all of this heavy makeup on my face, I haven't really needed it. Now that I am past my recent, nastier than nasty severe breakout, I am also experimenting with not using foundation all over my face. This is my third day in a row of just dotting foundation on my blotchy areas and lightly dusting my face with powder. Honestly, it looks just fine so I am going to try to keep it up! It'll be interesting to see if my skin improves after awhile.

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Meh...Go for it. But I'm like your friend, although I no longer have active acne, and just the red marks, (which is still pretty gross) I don't wear make up. I don't even think about it during the day, infact. But it's good, I'm not dependant on make up, and am not known as "the girl with the caky make-up to cover up her ugly skin" at work, or when with friends.

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I thought about going without make-up for a while. I wanted to see if it would help my skin. I'm sure it would, but I just can't bare the thought of people looking at my bad skin. I've been so down lately and most of my frustration comes from my acne.

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Its extremely strange I know, but my skin has become so accustomed to wearing makeup it BREAKS OUT WORSE when i don't wear any. every time i go a day or so without any makeup on i have a terrible breakout. i recently tried your same expirement.... i went without makeup for a whole week and my skin did not improve in the least. in fact, it got worse. so maybe if you have been using makeup for a long time, itd be a better idea just to stick with it.

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Just wanted to offer some input for those of you who have to wear makeup (like me, won't leave the house without it) but feel like it's contributing to the cycle of breakouts.

I had the same problem until I tried mineral makeup. I would slather on liquid foundation and pack on the powder that I bought from a department store. It only made the breakouts that I was trying to hide worse, but there was no way I would go without makeup. Even though the foundation didn't completely hide it anyway.

When I started using mineral makeup, which, in my opinion, covers much better and looks more like your real skin and not cakey and gloppy, my skin really improved. Without all those preservatives on my face, my skin could breathe. Recently, a lot more mineral makeup companies are debuting their products, and there are some with such great coverage yet it's natural looking.

For really great mineral foundation that will wear through sweat, heat, hurricane, tornado, you name it, try Alpha Skin Care at www.alphaskincare.com. This stuff has really great coverage and is even waterproof (so you can swim in it if you pat your face dry gently with a towel), but it looks great. You can get samples of the foundations and if you get $10 worth, shipping is free. The owner, Jenya, is really great and loves what she does.

Also, Cory Cosmetics has great coverage and wears really nicely, too (www.corycosmetics.com). This company has super cheap samples ($0.35 each) so you can try out foundation shades. I've heard Cory's foundations run a little light, so you might want to go one shade darker than you think you'd need, but considering the price of samples, you can get a whole bunch you think might be good and it won't set you back. (Her blush colors are gorgeous, too!)

I hope that's helpful. Mineral makeup is really the best thing for acne-prone skin when you need to wear makeup to feel secure. I have been dealing with scarring from bad breakouts that only Accutane could clear up, and I need a makeup that hides my pimpled past. I have become a real mineral makeup ho in the past 2 years, so if you have any questions, just ask!


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After going a month with a bare face, you WILL notice a difference. It might help your skin clear, but since you've worn makeup for so long, do you notice that the texture of your skin is different than it used to be? I noticed, after not wearing makeup, my skin looked much better bare. My pores decreased, my skin just looked healthier.

You will feel better about yourself, not "hiding" behind anything-- you'll be independent from makeup smile.gif Your confidence will rise too; just make sure to give it some time. smile.gif

If you're not tooooo sure about going completely makeup free, just wear some translucent powder on your skin. I find it makes my skin look a little bit better, without going full out with foundation.

Good luck!!

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