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My Acne has gotten worse - Could my makeup brand be the problem?

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Hey guys,

Nice to meet you! I'm new here and have been doing lots of research lately around the place and I'm super excited about what I see and can't wait to get other people’s opinions and help on my acne problems!

So let me get started, I'm a 23 year old female who has always had spots, but never bad spots with oily combination skin, especially in the T-zone which sometimes turns dry and flakey in places.

Through my teen years I didn't wear any face makeup and got a spot or two here and there.

As I reached my 20's I started to break out with a few more spots, oily/combination skin became more of a nuisance, my skin tone became uneven, I got back acne and arm and chest spots to top it off.

As a result I started to look into face makeup starting with blot powders, moving to liquid foundation, then to mineral makeup and finally powder form, all bought from drug stores.

Unfortunately none of them helped with the oil control or much with the acne covering up.

I finally started looking more into the 'right ways' to wear makeup and what brands to use for my skin type and finally I got myself into using MAC back in Feb 2009!

I use...

-Prep and Prime for the foundation base

-Studio Fix Powder for the foundation

-Blot Powder to finish

At first I thought wow I really like this and have been using this almost every day for over 2 years but now over the last few years my acne has gotten much worse than it ever used to be in my life and my oily skin is horrible. I can't go through a day of work without my face getting shinny and the pores looking huge again. I feel like all people can see of me is a huge oily mess.

I've tried so many face/acne/skin products from stores and health shops that are ment to work for my skin type and so far nothing is helping.

I'm now taking oral antibiotics from the doctor and it's the 3rd month and still no improvement so I'm now looking into birth control pills.

Now after some forum research I'm thinking to myself hey, it's only been really bad on my face for the last couple of years and coincidently that’s when I started using my Mac makeup and lots of girls have said these products did cause them to break out so after my super long post, I guess my question would be...

Is it the Mac makeup brand that is causing some of my problems?

Is it even the type of makeup I should be using?

What are you girl’s opinions on the Mac products I'm using on my skin type?

What do you use or do with your oily/acne skin?

Wow sorry for the super crazy long post, I just really want to know! =^..^=

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Hi Misty116,

I registered just so I could answer your post- I think MAC is horrid for acne prone skin! I had mild acne when I started wearing it and and a year or so later it finally clicked that my acne was far worse than when I started, which was causing me to wear more, etc. I initially switched to MAKE UP FOREVER Mat Velvet and my acne went away. I now wear Lancome Teint Idole (I loved MUFE, but could never find a good color match) and it works pretty good, especially with the fine lines I'm starting to get. I do still wear MUFE Full Cover Concealor, which is what I switched to from MAC. Go to a Sephora and ask for a few samples of foundation for acne prone skin so that you can find a good color match without spending a ton of money!

Good Luck!

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No matter what any label says about claiming to clear your acne with .5% salicylic acid or claims to fight your acne while covering it up is a hoax. Makeup aggravates acne and irritates your face. This is definitely based on personal experience. Whenever you wash your face, you are never really getting all the makeup that's been on your face all day (unless you own a $200 Clarisonic brush). Makeup makes acne worse. I didn't wear acne my entire winter break last year. It was kind of refreshing, too.

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I would highly recommend that you stop using MAC cosmetics because i have researched a lot of different makeup brands and MAC tends to be really bad for acne prone skin from what people have said. I know makeup is not something that people with acne SHOULD be putting on their face, but it is a comfort for me and honestly if it makes me feel less self conscious i'm going to wear it when i'm in public, so i'm not going to tell you to not wear it. I have tried various brands but drugstore actually seems to be the best for me so far. I used the neutrogena pressed powder which is pretty matte so good for oilier skin. Physicians formula liquid foundation is really good but I only use it as concealer because it's very heavy. And Dan from this site recommends Almay which I have used and although it is light coverage, it has not broken me out as far as I can tell.

Hope this helps!

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I bought a MAC Foundation last year and broke out after one use. After 3 uses I was HORRIBLY broken out, and returned it the next day. Blech. I'd say it could definitely be the MAC makeup.

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Wow guys thank you so very much for replying to my super long post, especially Rachel for signing up just to help me out :D I was starting to lose hope that no one would help me out but here you all are so thank you so very much.

So Mac is 99.9% most defiantly the reason my acne has gotten worse, my sister to I guess.

That's sad really, and I can't believe it took me so long to figure it out.

I have actually tried not wearing the Prep and Prime for a few days now and I am defiantly less oily it seems even though it's not a super huge difference but I defiantly feel better.

What primers would you guys recommend for my skin type if I need to even be wearing one at all?

Do I need to use a primer?

Ok as for a new makeup brand, now it gets tricky, I did try drug store brands years ago but they still let the oil show through.

I'll defiantly be taking a trip to Sephora soon to ask.

What do you guys think of Clinique for makeup?

I've just started using their drastically different moisturiser and so far I love it.

What about the Mac blot powder? Is that still okay to use?

Thank you so much again for all your help everyone =^..^=

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I personally find that primers break me out almost immediately, so i'd suggest not using one unless you feel like you absolutely have to...try and put as little on your face as possible! if you're willing to pay a bit more, Urban Decay is pretty decent makeup and is non comedogenic. I've tried a lot of clinique products but not makeup, however their skin products always make my skin a hot mess!

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If your going to use makeup, specifically to conceal your blemishes - try one that is a beeswax base, my chick friends won't shut up about them (sorry for my lack of knowledge on this subject lol)

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I love Everyday Minerals. There's a bit of a learning curve to using it so that you don't end up looking powdery, but once you get past that, it's AMAZING.

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