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J.M. Simpson

A Suggestion for Dan

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Hello Dan and fellow Acne.org users,

I've been following the regimen for about 4 years, and since it works so well, couldn't imagine ever needing a different approach to skin care. (For some reason, my password for the store didn't work for the site itself, so, I had to sign up for the site just now. Weird, that there was a disconnect...)

Anyhow, Dan. I wish that you had a kit for us of mixed sizes. What I specifically want, if it can be done, is the following kit combination: cleanser, 8 oz; treatment 8 oz; moisturizer 16 oz. I use a lot of moisturizer, and so I tend to go through that quicker than anything else.

Could you possibly create mix and match kits for us?

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I've moved this to the Announcements & Feedback board.

Yep, Acne.org and danielkern.com are technically two different sites, so you need to create separate accounts for each.

Also, the prices of the kits Dan offers on the site are identical to if you purchased the products separately.


8 oz. Cleanser = $7.00

8 oz. Treatment = $16.52

8 oz. Moisturizer = $14.92

Total for separate items = $38.44

The Regimen, 8 oz. bottles (Kit) = $38.44

You wouldn't be saving anything if Dan set up a pre-made kit with the items you mentioned, so ordering the individual items together in one order is basically the exact same thing, except you have to click on three products instead of just one.

You could also create your own auto-ship kit, which can include products of mixed sizes. ; )

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