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Ive had numerous problems with cleansers and moisturizers that dont work well with the BP and are too irritating on my skin resulting in blotchyness, reddness and immense dryness/flaking etc ( = skin not lookin too good)

i found a product range that is practically ALL geared towards acne prone blemished sensitive skin by the brand 'simple' called 'simple : oil control'. the brand is appropriately named simple as the products contain minimum ingredients. text on a site i found is below which descibes it best :

these products truly deserve 10 out of 10!

the product range includes 'deep cleaning facewash', 'regulating exfoliator wash', 'pore purifying toning gel', 'shine manage moisturiser', 'oil balancing cleansing wipes', 'overnight oil control treatment', and 'triple facepack'.

they are in green packaging and the full range is available at superdrug, sainsburys and boots, as well as some items sold in other shops.

the moisturiser is priced at £4.69 for 75ml

the facewipes £4.29 for 25

the exfoliator wash £4.15 for 150ml

the toner £4.15 for 150ml

and the other products are charged at similar prices.

they may not seem very cheap, but they are often on special offer somewhere.

here is a list of reasons why i would advise you to try them:

- natural ingredients (witch hazel, vitamin e, vitamin b5)

- good ethical policy (environmentally friendly, no animal testing)

- modestly priced

- no harsh ingredients or additives

- does exactly what it says on the bottles!

- unperfumed so better for the skin and doesn't clash with perfume

- in well shaped bottles (pump of facewash is convenient, moisturiser stands up so you can get every last bit out of the bottle)

- has no ingredients which clash with prescription medication for acne (gentle so can be used if taking accutane, no salycilic acid so won't stop the effectiveness of retina a)

- the facewash lasts ages

- all the necesities of a good skincare routine

- all products are oil free

- all products are alcohol free

- all products are dermatologically approved

- all products are non comegenic (so they won't block pores)

what more could you ask for?

my regimen with this :

-wash with the simple face wash/cleanser

-apply dans BP gel

-apply a generous amount of the gentle toner (feels great afterwards, completely non-irritating after the bp, leaves skin soft, hydrated but with no shine, stickyness)

- apply simple moisturizer (if needed, not always necesary after the highly hydrating toner).

my skin used to be flakey and dry throughout the day, feel heavy and slightly uncomfortable from the moisturizer but now its the best it has been EVER

just wanted to inform people of these products, if you are having trouble with your current products such as dryness and irritation etc.

an example of the packaging :


pther simple products at bottom of page.

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How long have you been using this product(s)?

What skin type do you have?

I don't know what I am considered but my skin is extremly dry (even before BP) right after I wash it. An hour later and it is super shiney with or without moisturizer. I am not sure if I need an oil control product or dry skin product.

Do you think it'll help me?

Oh, even just rinsing my face with water it tends to be somewhat dry.

I have some deep smile lines that I absoulutly HATE due to it getting so dry.

Foundations also 'dry out' my face at first then it becomes shiney again!

Very annoying!

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I wanted to say I look over the web site and the moisturizers don't say they are non-comedogenic which worries me. This could mean that the lotion could be clogging up your pores.

However keep me posted.

I may order the Oil/Shine control gel and try wearing it under my make up.

Thanks smile.gif

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im almost 100% certain the moisturizer doesnt clog your pores. Ive used moisturizers that have heavily clogged my pores, the pores on my nose felt like small bumbps at one stage. but this stuff is awesome. Or it has been for me at least.

my skin was normal, neither dry or oily really. but the use of BP makes my skin V dry, its always flakey and often feels tight. But using these products has fixed it totaly. I used to get most irritation from applying moisturizer, the bp didnt really bother me. But applying this cooling/refreshing toner then a bit of moisturizer is completely non-irritating and soothing.

I did actually used to use to an SA wash before the BP, the only harsh ingredient i use now is the bp gel. all the 'simple' stuff just combats the negative effects of the bp and tones my skin.

When im not using bp at all, or havnt used it for a while, i suppose my skin borders slightly on oily.

as for the question about how long ive been using this stuff. Not very long at all. nearly a week since first purchase of the toner, but after a couple of days of use my skin was changed immensly. it went from being flakey/tight and blotchy in

areas to hydrated, non-shiney and a good complexion in general.

im very confused as to how your skin is very dry, yet shiney? thats odd. when my skin gets really dry it has a complete mat effect, no shine whatsoever, looks quite dull. I use this stuff and it perks it up but doesnt over do it in the shine department.

I really dont know what effect it will have on you, as products tend to effect everyone very differently from what ive read on these boards. i guess you would just have to try it.

A shop just near me (savers) has all the 'simple' products in stock at super low prices, prob about 25% cheaper than any where else (inc the net) which makes everything all the more convenient.

what products are you using at the moment? to dry out your skin so much. or is it just naturally like that. I often dont use bp in the mornings as i like to go the day without any form of flakes whatsoever.

have you tried some moisturizing types of foundation? im no pro, but my sister uses a hydrating cream based foundation and i think she does ok with it. Dont realyl no much aobut that.

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