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Does acne go away with age?

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I just got off accutane, literally like a month ago, and have started breaking out again. It seems to be getting worse, i dont know what to do. Im starting back on ziana a topical, some bullshit that didnt work before i got on the accutane, but my derm is convinced it will work now, but whatever. If it doesnt work, is there a chance that one day my acne will just disappear? I am not going on accutane again, i cant put myself through that shit again

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I was googling this the other day and apparently guys have a good chance of outgrowing it at 25.

Girls arent so lucky, i think it said they will be likely to have it in their 30sand 40s. I really hope its true, only have a few years to go!!!

the website is here if you wanna look:


My derm said acne will go away after puberty so hopefully hes right... im 17, male

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It can depend on what the cause is. If you got acne in the earlier teen years, it's probably from the overflow of new hormones from puberty. That can usually go away around 18 -20. If you just started getting acne in your adult years, it's likely from food allergies and an overload of toxins in your liver. Adult Females can experience acne from pregnancy and menstruation. I can't really elaborate on how to help that case (Since I'm an Adult Male).

I broke out for the first time when I turned 19, so I figured it wasn't puberty. It's been over a year since then, and I've finally stopped breaking out from: slightly fixing my diet, taking liver cleansing herbs (Dandelion, Milk Thistle), Not over-eating, and doing a couple Liver Flushes. I can't guarantee all that will help your case, but from my experiences, these methods can help adult acne.

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