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The most upsetting thing a stranger has said about your acne?

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No one has ever said anything to my face, but it annoys me SO MUCH when people make fun of other people's acne right in front of me. They'll say, "oh so and so... he/she has bad acne" or "oh, the girl with the ACNE". Sometimes I'm so close from being like, "HELLO, DID YOU SEE MY FACE?" I probably will some day.

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I've had only little kids ask stuff like "what's that on your chin?" :eh:

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I don't think anyone has said anything about my acne, just my makeup (which I use to cover my acne)

Like, "Why do you have so much makeup on?"

Or, usually because of my oilyness, "Why is your face so shiny?"


But my cousin, who is about ten, (who is a whiny brat) once told my brother this, "I liked you better whenever you were younger. You didn't have as many pimples!" Now, the strange thing about this is my brother wasn't even bad at the time! He just had a bit of pimples from shaving! He had already taken accutane when he was a junior (he was 22 at the time my cousin said this) and it had cured him!

My brother went up to me afterwards and asked me if our cousin said the same thing to me and I was said no. He said, "Good, cause if he did, I would have said something worse to him than just telling him that it's wrong to say that." Lol, I wub my big bro! :D

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Once a good family friend came up to me and said, "All of your sisters have such beautiful skin. You should try to be more like them." I've since learned not to compare myself with others, but back then I was obsessed with trying to look as pretty (their type of pretty) as my three sisters, especially because none of them ever broke out.

At the time I was on accutane, which not only did not work,but made me very ill.

I went home, in tears, to my parents. My mom said, "I don't understand how you feel. I always had perfect skin growing up. Just try and remember she (the woman) was trying to compliment your sisters. At least they were blessed with beauty."

I think what stung the most was my mom's "consolation". But now, years later (still working on my acne) I can't help but be grateful it was me with the bad skin and not my sisters. I think that's what my mom was trying to explain - that this challenge was tailored for me for a reason.

Gee whiz though, getting random advice from strangers or "hints" from certain friends can be frustrating too :)

But having good friends see past my skin has made me able to laugh at others' comments. At least, in the long run.

rainydae...im so sorry about that. that was really uncalled-for.

maybe you will be blessed with a more sympathetic family in another life.

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ok so this was about 2 to 3 years ago when i was around 15. i was at the airport

(kennedy airport) when i got off the plane and i was heading towards bagadge claim when one of the worker's there said to his coworker "man, that guy is ugly" when i was walking right next to him. he mad me feel like sh*t i just felt like going into the bathroom and just hiding there. it was such an awfull experiance. that along with many other incedent's is why i fell bitter towards the sociaty i live in now. they act as if having acne is such a horrible thing when really it's natural.

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I studied abroad in Spain from Jan. 2011 - May 2011. For spring break, I flew alone from Spain to the island of Malta. Few people speak English so I was just quietly reading while waiting in line to board my flight. The woman behind me had a passport from Ghana and I could tell she knew I spoke English. She eventually tapped me on the shoulder and was like, "English?" And so we began conversing about whatever... Finally we were about to board the plane when she stopped me, pulled me out of line with her, grabbed my face (painful cysts!) and was like, "this is some African oil you can buy here in Spain...go buy it and it will cure your ugly acne." I just nodded and ran on to that airplane as fast as I could to get away from her. Unfortunately, the airline I flew lets you choose your own seats. Guess where she decided to sit? Usually I would not have been so rude, but I absolutely got up and moved.

Umm. Unsolicited advice makes you kind of a bitch. Sorry.

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*2 people tell me i should use proactive

*little girl asks why i have little bumps on my face, i tell her its acne and that one day she might get it too, her reply- "wow your life sux"

* a salesman in one of thos carts at the mall for some expensive face scrub, has the nerve to walk right up to me when im around my friends(especially after once i saw his cart i started to walk faster) and tell me how i can get rid of the acne on my face-thanks for ruining my day out with the girls:(

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Her: "There is pimples on your face." *pointing to my jaw*

Me: "I know."

Her: "There is a lot of them.... a lot!"

Me: "I know." *walks away*

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most common but hurtful enough:

- what's wrong with ur face?

- uhm. i'm ... sick

- it's look really bumpy *look away*

And several times my friend ( who have PERFECT, really PERFECT skin) pointed at her skin:

HER: omg i had a pimple, omg it looks so weird.

*I SWEAR it was NOT a pimple, it's a TINY TINY red flat dot, not even a whitehead, it was like a red dot from a pen lol.* Looked like this . lol

Me (with bumpy face) : uh, it's not a pimple, u'll be fine.

HER: then what's that *make gross face*

ME: Maybe a mosquito bite from last night or something *turn away to cover face*

Sometime they don't know how lucky they are

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hi guys where can u buy turmeric powder??? plz answer=o

anyways i had friends just joke around about having "herpes" since i am prone to cold sores well when one friend joked about it a rumor was spread and the guy i liked stopped talking to me even tho i said it was a lie=/ booooo sometimes lifes tough

im glad God will get me thru this and i was blessed to get accutane

i want to let everyone on this sight know YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL nd to the guys YOU THE MAN

were all amazing people, with or without acne i love u guys stay strong

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Oh yes. I'm sure all of us with moderate-supersevere acne have gone through this. I praise you all for sharing. Ive gone through the church women staring and trying to "pray" I get rid of my acne and the Mum who thinks that "Acne is caused by dirty people." Nothings worse than these here though:

1) I was shopping at Wegman's with my dad and I noticed the cashier wasn't ringing anything up. I looked up and she was staring staring at my face. "U-uhm. Excuse me? :shifty: " I muttered and she popped out of her bubble. "I'm sorry. I'm just wondering what infection is on your face. You should try getting that checked cause it doesn't look normal." I blushed and this pre-teen boy behind me started snickering and saying I looked gross with all those bumps. Little Git...

2)Just two days ago I was staying at my new friend Samantha's house and I have this GINORMOUS cyst on the end of my nose that was super red. When we got home from the pool her Dad (whom I had not met) looked at my and said "Whoa! Did you get sunburnt? Oh wait that's a zit!" I was mortified. Then when we were going out to dinner he began singing his rendition of the over popular Christmas song naming it, "Laurie the red nosed girly girl." I tried not to cry but ended up crying in the restaurant bathroom. It was so embarrassing and it hurt so bad. :cry:

I hate acne and how people can think it's ok just to go around shouting out you have blemishes. Especially when their faces are absolutely flawless. Buncha Wankers...

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Ugh, all the time dude. I don't understand why people feel like it's okay to say something, you know? I don't think someone (unless they're a total jerk) would come up to a slightly overweight person and point and say "ewwww! start running fatso!" so what makes it okay for people to make comments on acne?? OR give uneeded advice? Especially people with CLEAR skin.

Like today for instance, Some guy at the kiosk was a total jerk about my acne. I'm breaking out in nodules in cysts because it was that time of the month and he said "You have a lot of acne, this product will help you! stop wearing all that makeup, you're killing your skin!" blah blah blah. Point is, i didn't ask for his opinion but I still got that dumb lecture. I wanted to say, "helloooo, i have hormonal acne, it will not clear up with your crappy sea salt!!"

It seems like it never ends. The comments started in middle school and I think I got an acne or scar comment about once a week during highschool. I really didn't even think my acne was that bad most of the time, it's just when you're surrounded by clear skinned people I feel like a lepor. I've had a kid in my gym class ask what happened to my face. Other people said "you're skin is so bad, you need to do this, and that" and other comments werejust really hurtful. like "you're ugly" or "you're face is scary" or "ew"But it's not even acne people make comments about, it's mostly the indents on my cheeks :(

I also feel like everyone stares at the scars and acne!! It's so awkward..

Also a lot of crap people have said to me is about my makeup. *sigh* i can never win!

Lol but seriously, I lost count on how many times people have been so mean..

man, i wish those people knew how it felt like. For all of us.

People need to show more compassion for people with acne, it's not as easy for some to just clear their skin with clean and clear or proactive. Some people have actual medical issues or they have severe cystic acne which can be very difficult to clear. Acne is really serious and I am astonished on how people feel it's okay to be so openly rude/ or willing to lecture. Acne is just as serious as any other medical condition, the problem is that the condition has a bad rep because it's associated with puberty and awkwardness. I think that's why people have this weird thing in their mind that makes it okay to make fun of acne because it's always been taken 'lightly'. But I do believe in karma.. lol

*end rant* lol

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my sis said to me today..

"wtf happened to your face, it looks burned and ugly"

i hid my face turned around and went to my room. i have dry scaly patches from bp :( and the bumpness looks ugly like she said, but it just made me feel more upset and conscious of it.

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I know right, some people are just bloody downright awful. I've only ever had a bloke say to me at the pub " hey mate, why don't ya buy a bottle of clearsil" or something like that. I laughed it off of course. Honestly, sometimes people say hurtful things but it's water off a ducks back.

You've gotta do your own I reckon, I'd rather be my own bloke and be strong and enjoy my life than sit around and have a cry at what people say, and people say hurtful things, whether it's about your acne scars, your big nose, whatever. Beauty doesn't last forever. I think it also has to do with the fact that I'm alot stronger now. I don't actually have any acne or pimples, just got my scarring which is still very red, real scarring not like marks. It's not fun at all but hey, I'm blessed to have a healthy body, a great personality, great family, and I'm hung like a moose ( not really)

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"Why don't you use sandpaper?"

The bitch.

And the usual comments, "use clearasil", "have a wash", "spotty c*nt" etc...

If I had a breakout some family members would be like "ooooh your skin's gone bad"... Like, thanks, I did not realise this.

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I have a friend...not a close friend but I talk to her sometimes and during class when we finished our studying, she sometimes would bring up the topic of my acne. She does not even have one pimple...

But anyways she says

"You would look like a model if you didn't have your acne!"

"Everything else looks good on you except for your hair and face....because your acne..."

"You should try Clinique, Proactiv, Neutrogena... the popular brands!"

"You just need a good treatment for your acne.Not just a wash but a treatment."

Which she is kind of complimenting me..but she says it constantly. One day she kind of went further.

We were looking at a magazine and there was a Proactiv advertisment. She told me I should try it because I have really bad acne.

My friend is kind of on the heavier side...and she always complains to me about her weight and there was a weight loss advertisement on the other page so I was about to point out that advertisement for her. -__- But I didn't want to be a jerk, and I don't roll that way. So I kept my mouth shut.

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This mean girl in high school (when the internet was "new") posted on her website (which was one of only like 5 online at this point...before facebook, etc) a picture of me and my friends and wrote "nice chin globe" since I had a cyst on my chin in the pic. It was the only bullying I had in high school, and the only person to really be outwardly mean about my skin.

The saddest time I think though is when a cyst got bad and came to a head and I HAD to lance it, so I put a bandaid on it to go to school and EVERYONE asked me what was up with the bandaid, and I totally lied and said I got bit by a spider at night. Makes you feel terrible to have to lie about something that so many people have to live with.

Makes you have sympathy and compassion though as an adult, which many people lack. Cheers! :hifive:

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my bro in law ust said to me, i thought your face was improving what happened to it again youve fukd it up!.

and then he looked closely and was concerned and he was like you buy so maany expensive treatments (bp, and stuff like tht) dont they work.

i felt ashamed and put my head down :(. i think its a acne comment week for me.

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Im a pharmacy intern so when some people walk into the pharmacy to pick up there medication they feel they must give me some advice about my acne!!! its soo annoying!! i've had a lady say to me " you've got such a pretty face but its a shame you've got pimples because they make you look very unattractive", or when a man said to me " whats happened to your face with all the pimples?? u should try proactiv" thanks but no thanks!!

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The only thing anyone has said about my acne(to my face) was this three year old boy I babysit. While we were eating he brushed his fingers over my forehead and said,"Brooksie...why do you have bumpys everywhere?" It was actually kinda cute and didn't upset me all that much since he didn't know...just a little kid. I have however,had "friends" talk about my skin behind my back. Nothing major,but it does take a toll on your confidence.

EDIT: I don't know why I didn't remember this! Little less than a month ago I went camping with 3 other families. I didn't wear makeup the whole trip. I was sitting around the fire with a bunch of kids(ok teenagers). This one girl who always seemed to bring others down turned to me and said "You have A LOT of pimples" then adds while laughing "You're so ugly". I couldn't believe she had said that,but then again she had made fun of my brothers for their acne a couple of times. I just nodded my head because I was in total shock. I left shortly after to go cry in my tent.

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I have people stare at me sometimes, little kids especially. Some young teen girls, like probably 14-15, thinking they were out of earshot were talking sh*t about my face. I don't remember specifics, but they were laughing and stuff. This was in a public mall, too.

An older woman once came up to me and suggested some old remedies, and said something like "because you're pretty but your skin is so ugly." or something. Left me kind of shocked, really. Mostly, during school was when I had people say shit the most. During middle school, a girl used to call me pizza face (yeah, the old cliche term, ugh.)

I think "oh my god what happened to your face?!" is the most hurtful one, though. Family friends, ugh. ):

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The only people that have said any is my family. I don't really care about those comments because i just shrug it off. Everybody in my family has had acne. My nieces used to say "Why do you have owwies on your face?" This was when they were about 3 years old.

Other than that I don't think I've had anybody say anything about my acne to my face. There were probably very few comments but I usually don't let it get to me. I think it's partly due to the fact that I look pretty mean/angry all the time even though I'm not actually angry or anything. I find that pretty funny actually.

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My cousin brought her yearbook and we were "discussing" everyone. She is just 15 ,but actually mean and very judgmental and as most of teenagers she is very superficial. So I saw one girl from her class and made a comment that she is pretty and she said:" nah...are u serious? she has acne....".

The other day she looked at my face very carefully, then sadly said...Will i get acne in the future? I don't wanna have ur skin..

Everytime when I reach out my hand to chocolate she would say:"hey..think about ur skin, its not good to eat chocolate u might get even more pimples."

These were the most hurtful ones,but I've gotten other comments too from pple who just' Want to help with an advice".

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