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so this is technically NOT acne........???

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Hello, guys!

I probably don't have to explain how frustrating it is to have acne

But today, I was actually a bit confused......

Do you guys think I have ROSACEA rather than acne?

I definitely do not have any active breakouts on my CHEEKS

but the are always......... always............. always....... so RED!!


I thought they were either

1) inactive acne (acne under the skin??)

2) acne scars

But...................... could it be that this is ROSACEA?

Some people think they look like "irritation"????

Please Please Please give me your opinions!!!! :dance:

Thank you in advance =)


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It looks like rosacea to me. Do you have any visible broken cappilaries on your cheeks or nose?Those are indicators of rosacea as well, together with flushing (turning red) and sensitive skin.

If I were you I'd ask a dermatologist.

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Hi there

It certainly could be Rosacea, especially if prone to redness. There are different subtypes of Rosacea, so different Rosaceans have different symtpoms (i.e. not all Rosaceans have pustules/papules, and not all Rosaceans have broken capillaries or flushing).





You might wish to book an appointment to see a Dermatologists and discuss whether oral Oracea or topical metrogel/Rozex, or IPL (Intense pulsed light) treatments would be a good option for you.

Best, Shantelle

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Your cheeks look exactly like what I get off and on. I am currently on Tazorac for acne and Finacea topical and Oracea for what has been classified as Rosacea.

Go to the derm and see what he/she says. Once I added Finacea and Oracea to my routine, things calmed down considerably, but I still have days/periods where it flares.

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