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Ok this really works

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ok well my grandmother told me about 1 month ago that when they were young and got "after-marks" of acne they would treat it with 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and 2 table spoons of Rose water. i tried this. results clear i didnt want to post this then incase something bad happend i had mild acne about 19 pimple on my chin

all u do is mix up EXACT the same amount of rose water and lemon juice into a cup cotton bud and tab it on ( make sure u have nbo active acne ) and in a month it will be very very light u can NOT see it.

only problem is i still have blotchy skin its parts of darker skin right ? around where acne WAS how can i gtet rid of this

it worked for me hope it works for u

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well, im glad that this worked for you... but.. a month sure seems like a long time, mine usually fade alot quicker than that simply on their own. how does this compare to using the vinegar method?

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well get a lemon

sqeeze into table spoon

and rosewater


i dunno what happens if it isnt so yeh

umm i dunno the rosewater must have some healing while the lemon irritates the mark or something

im not sure

it should go red and itch i have nothing now its kool biggrin.gif:DD:D:D:D

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If you happened to watch or visit the winnertvshopping, they have this product named rosehip which can treat acne scar and any other type of body scar, so far in my almost two months trial of the product, its working with my new acne scar, perhaps you could try the product guys, but so far I haven't started yet with treating my old scar because there are still pimples sorrounding with it (since rosehip is strongly not suitable for the those having an acne/pimple), so I just chose the area of my face where I can apply the product.

Cheers! eusa_drool.gif

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Ask at some herbalist shops I suppose. I got an unlabeled bottle from one of our shops (maybe they squeeze out the rose petals behind in the alley lol).

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Does this method work for hyperpigmentation as well? I have a lot of old hyperpigmentation on my back as well as PIH on my chest and I know it will fade over time but if this can help expedite the process, please let me know. Has anyone tried it on hyperpigmentation?

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i used rosewater and lemon juice method for about 2 weeks..and it made my face worse!!..i had acid burns galore on the side of my face

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