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How Scar Treatments Work - A Must Read!

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The needling explanation looks and sounds strange to me. Is there ANY evidence to back up the OP's claim, anecdotal or otherwise?

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QUOTE (miramar @ Mar 31 2011, 05:43 PM)

QUOTE (sanjoseskin @ Mar 31 2011, 07:41 PM)

QUOTE (miramar @ Mar 31 2011, 04:28 PM)

What part don't you agree with and what procedure are you pursuing?

I'm not pursuing any procedures, I was just commenting that I don't fully agree with that figure you posted.

I've had practically every single procedure already done.

Lasers full ablative and fractional, dermabrasoin, tca peels, phenol exoderm peel, subcision, full face facial tattoo, dermarolling, topicals, the list goes on.

Again, did you make up this figure? If not can you please provide the reference from where this figure was taken from?


So you've had every procedure done except the one that really works, excision? lol, way to go man. Did you ever get excision as part of your extensive list? What type of scars do you have? I did mention in my original post that I created this diagram based on how the body heals based on 10 years of reading medical literature and hanging around this board. And your rebuttal is based on what? Hopefully not just your personal experience and opinion. You can take it or leave it, it doesn't bother me, I'm well on my way to being scar-free while you are still struggling with finding solutions apparently. You haven't answered what part you did not agree with so I can hopefully address your concerns?

You've been a hanging around this board for 10 yrs but just decided to join this month? March 2011?

As for me, you can see I joined this forum in 03, thats 8 years. Prior to acne.org I was a member of the other acne scar forum which fizzled out once this one gained popularity.

I've had good results on my scars, but thanks for assuming I haven't

I also find it funny you say I'm struggling to find a solution apparently. Oh really? Interesting, you are supposdely scar free yet you are still posting here and have the nerve to tell make assumptions about me.

Anyway new member or 10 yr old member, whichever you claim to be, have fun.

It is good to see you post again. I have referred to your posts about lasers for a long time. As for Miramar, I think I know who she is. Her charts partly based in fact ignore ablative fractionalized CO2. A more accurate explaination of lasers is described here.


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seems sound to me, well the excision being the best , next to subcision. But its prob only good for isolated scars but ppl with alot of scars clost together won't benifit much from it i think. Also what if a scars close by the eye?

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