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I was clear for about 4 months.. then suddenly, I got 5 pimples! Two, of which, were the cystic kind that I had 8 months ago. I don't understand it! I was fine for 3 months following Dan's regimen. sad.gif

Has anyone else experience this? If so, how long did it take for it to go away again?

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Heres a tip...

Mark down everything during the time your clear such as what have you been eating, your daily routine, the whole shabang

Compare it to now...

Has there anything you have been eating or doing differently? Since you have been clear?

This simple little things could totally cause your face major outbreaks

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This can be the result of a few things:

1. irritation. did you irritate your skin in some way? basically think about what has touched your face that does not normally touch it.

2. sun exposure. did you get a sunburn or suntan 2 weeks ago or so? healing sun damaged skin can break out easily.

3. are you still following the regimen as well as you used to? people tend to slack off with time. I know I do. so now is a good time to re-watch the videos and make sure you are doing everything just right, and using plenty of bp.

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I agree with Dan. When things go pear shaped...go back to following the regimen religously....remove any additional products you have added to the mix, observe all the steps etc.

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