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Hi, er, it's the winter right now and I suppose this is the time my acne gets its worst. I was using ProActv on its own during the summer and it was working great for my skin, I was probably getting a zit a week if that. Then in the winter it started to go haywire, I broke out all over one side of my face and on my forehead. I ditched that (probably will go back to in the summer, something about the sun + fresh, warm air my skin enjoys) and am now using Minacyclin and St.Ives Clean Pore Cleanser, finishing it off with Elicina (which, despite what tonnes of other ppl say on this board, does wonders for my complexion, red marks and minor scarring) and then apply Benzagel BP 5% to my spots. I'm pretty clear now, still getting the occasional zit but it's not that big a deal.

What I need is suggestions for over the counter-products to combat minor bacne and chest acne. Right now I apply elicina to my chest just to get rid of the residual marks there, and it works well. However, I don't wanna have to reach around to smear it all over my back. Any good over the counter products you guys can recommend? Right Now I'm using just an Anti-Bacterial soap - it works to a degree, but I still break out on my body.

And can you suggest alternatives to Benzagel BP 5%? What topical things do you guys use? I'm really unclear as to how bad some of the other ppl's acne is, so I'm not sure what I should be using. Can you tell me your situation + remedies? Thanks a lot

PS I'm a male 18 years old.

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