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I used to post on this forum a while ago but have since forgotten my password and no longer have my previous email account, so although this is my first post, i'm not really a "noob"

I was wondering what the proper way to apply toner is. It seems to me that swooshing a cotton ball with it across your face is a bad idea (you're sliding dead skin cells all over the place), and dabbing doesn't seem to be all that better. So does anyone know what the proper/recommended method of applying toner actually is?

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You could try putting the toner in a spritz bottle and misting it onto your face. That way there isn't really anything touching or rubbing against your face.

Honestly, I just use a cotton ball. I don't think it makes too much difference, but then again, maybe you're on to something. It's never occurred to me that using a cotton ball or pad would be bad for your skin.

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i know this is going to sound weird, but i use a paper towel..i was using cotton balls, but lots of times id find some of the cotton left on my face..i started to use paper towels..i figure if u clean a counter with them, u can clean your face with them, wipe away the bad stuff...

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Verrrrry carefully. :dance: J/k

Anyway, it really depends on what the toner is, and what its being used for. The word "toner" means almost nothing nowadays - its become a catchall term for usually water based, thin liquid products with fairly dilute active ingredients. It used to have some connotation of astringency (hence the "tone"), but that's inconsistent at best in todays world.

If its for delivering an active ingredient to an already clean face, then you should just drop some into the palm of your hand and apply with your fingers.

If its for cleansing, it likely contains a volatile alcohol or a plant astringent. Both have been proven to be ultimately irritatin g and not-beneficial for acne prone skin, even though they feel really nice. But if you must use a toner like this, then try textured cotton rounds or exfoliating rounds - basically woven, flat cotton pads - that can be found in large, inexpensive quantities in any drugstore or supermarket. This will reduce the physical irritation, and won't leave cotton strands all over the place.

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