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i saw something in the store the other day... Vita-k for acne marks and blotchiness or something similair. it has vitamin k and other stuff thats supposed to get rid of red marks in about 4-6 weeks. anyone try it? i was about to buy it wasn't tooo expensive

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I bought it a week ago and let me say......the marks are fading slowly. I looked in the mirror and wow it was a change. It turned really red marks to like light red pinkish color. It's been only a week! Well it's was not a dramatic improvement it was just an improvement. i'm guessing that by the 4th week it will look a lot better.

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great! thought Vitamin K was just for dark circles lol. I have mostly shallower marks so they should fade fast I'm going to get it

it doesn't say non-comodogenic anywhere on the box unsure.gif have you broke out from it?

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Although the box doesn't say if it clogs the pores or not I haven't seen any breakout. I just spot treat the marks on my face with a thin/light layer. It's very drippy like thick water but it's worth it. It will take time to make your red marks not visible but it's my 2nd week and I already see some improvement. Give it a try. If it doesn't work for you....you can send it back to the company after 6-8 weeks and get your money back.

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I love this stuff personally. I can't stand most moisturizers so I just use this in place of them and I love it. Another good thing to do is get a gycolic (sp?) acid mask kit. It will really help remove dead skin cells and take away the redness over a few weeks of use.

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