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yeah. Avandia at 2 mg was more helpful than Birth control, which got me 50% clear. I'd say it was 10% - 15% more effective than BC and if you take 4mg or 8mg it would be even more so. However what it does is force your cells to accept that extra glucose. Some say that eventually over time this can still encourage the breakdown of your pancreas, as it is still pumping out all that Insulin. However if you combine an insulin sensitzer and diet then it would be a good combo, especially if you can stay on a lower dose of those meds. I just don't wanna go back on that type of meds ;-)

BTW, if you have trouble gaiining wieght...Avandia will add some weight for ya ;-)

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Oh, and the reason it works is because it does the same thing for you hormonally as birth control does. They both raise your Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) which is neccessary in order to bind to Free Testosterone and prevent it from converting into DHT.

Birth control raises your SHBG by raising your Estrogen levels (usually directly related).

Avandia raises your SHBG by lowering your Insulin levels (usually inversely related).

That's why if you choose to take medication and decide to also follow a good diet, usually some form of low carb, you will do even better, because it will also raise your SHBG. =)

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i hyave a problem losing weight, an with food cravings, do you think it will help that? also, do u think taking insulin sensitizers is dangerous? i feel really bad alot, an nothing seems to help. thats why im considering going on one.. thanks for ur advice!

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