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I'm on Botchla's regimen. I've been on it for a week and this is what I use:

Morning: Tea tree oil facewash followed by moisturiser

Night: 1. C&C Blackhead Clearing Scrub (SA 2%)

2. Oxy On the Spot (BP 2.5%)

I have several questions which i wouldn't mind someone answering if that's ok? smile.gif

1. Would it be better if i used the blackhead scrub in the morning too? I'm slightly wary about whether exfoliating twice a day would be taking too much for my skin and make it red raw?! You know what i mean?

2. My skin gets pretty dry. I moisturise in the morning but it's still dry. Is it possible to moisturise after using the BP or does that wipe it off or counteract against it's effects somehow?

3. How much BP do you use?

Also, at the moment i only spread the BP on my cheeks and chin. I don't bother with my forehead and nose as there is no acne there....or at least there wasn't before. Now the acne on my cheeks is kinda clearing gradually but I'm breaking out on my forehead!?! Has anyone else found this?

Thanks for your help smile.gif

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Hey, I've been on Botchla's regimen for 11 months now and too tell you the truth using the scrub in the morning helps. For number two, You are supposed to moisturize after BP it will NOT doo anything to it.And three, only a little, on trouble spots. The last one , no

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I've been on the regimen for 8 days. I haven't noticed a startling change but my skin does look smoother. Most of the acne I have is under the skin stuff....will this regimen kill that also?

I'm thinking of upping the use of SA to twice a day rather than once I hope it won't be too much for my skin!

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