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That, and most other serious diseases. Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Polio, heart disease, diabetes...

We all have a lot to be thankful for, it's just about realizing it.

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I'll be honest, I saw the first few seconds and couldn't bring myself to watch it. I don't know, just the idea of that actually happening freaked me out. I suppose things like that do put my "problems" into perspective. Granted, the most severe forms of acne can be debilitating, but most of the time I find myself freaking out about a few pimples... :think:

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Wow. Yuck. :( That really sucks.

And I tell that to people on here all the time: it could be worse.

It's just a perspective thing. Until you've experienced worse you don't really appreciate how good you have it.

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His injury happened in November 2008 when Wiens, now 26, was painting his church as a volunteer: His head got too close to a high-voltage power line, and he lost almost his entire face from the burns.

Where was God? Seriously, how fair was that?

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Its like when you see kids that are paraplegic or have down syndrome, it really makes you think about what is really important in life. It wouldn't kill you to have little faith in your self, and that your acne will get better, for those kids who's situation is irreversable.

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Guest pokemonster

yea i understand your point ppl and in a way i agree, but y u think everyone has just acne as their prob, its maybe possible that u have multiple probz with health already n then there u go u also get severe acne too? totally unecessary duh!!

well i just dont rly understand those super humble thinking wayz. like ofc i feel bad (very very sadens me, honestly) about those ill kids, ppl with very severe illnesses etc etc but i dont get y do ppl allways by all means have to compare them to us?? there r so much more other things to take in consideration before comparing like that, besides whats wrong for wanting for better anywayz? acceptance of things only gets u as far. i mean while i do appreciate i have roof above, have food (even tho its not the best possible for acne diet anywayz lawl >_>) n im not starving in africa, have both hands n legs n blah blah i also dont see y i n other ppl shouldnt be bitching bout acne or else that i/they hate? personally i see nothing bad about ppl who rage about their probz unless thats something superinsignificant like: oh noeeez i got a 3 whiteheads nyeeeh *whiny face*. buut to be like happy about all the shit u dont have idk, pretty silly if u ask me..

im happy im not blind

im happy im not deaf

im happy i have both legs

im happy i have both legs

im happy i dont have cancer

im happy i dont have diabetes

im happy i dont have tail growing out of my butt (might be pretty cool tho :think:)

im happy im aliive yet (lawlz)

im happyi dont have Peruvian Meteorite Syndrome

im happy i havent had heart attack so far

im happy i dont have Multiple Sclerosis

im happy i dont have Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma

im happy i dont have Hemochromatosis

im happy i dont have Fibromyalgia

im happy i dont have Cystic Fibrosis

im happy i dont have Dr Strangelove Syndrome

im happy i dont have Bacterial endocarditis

basically i dont have as much of patience but u just gotta be happy that u dont have <insert medical vocabularies list of diseases minus oones that u have> n there u go u can be like yaaay now, cuz u now have thousands of reasons to be happy now? :dance:

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Watch a spanish movie called 'camino'.

You will be thankful for everything and every moment in life you will cherish and thank god for every bit of health you have.

And that poor kid that got electrocuted, so sad.

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