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Treating hyperpigmentation

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Can someone tell me the best cream or topical I can buy to treat hyperpigmentation? I can't afford to see a derm right now, and the best any derm has given me was hydroquinine which I know isn't good for you.

I need something that is affordable, is no more than $70 and actually WORKS! There are so many things I've tried and nothing has worked.

I also have darker skin-- South Asian-- and I understand that it will take some time to see results, but I at least need something that will actually work.

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Today I started to use apple cider vinegar (ACV) because there are a lot of people on here saying that it has significantly lightened their post inflamatory hyperpigmentation (PHI).

One poster said to mix equal parts ACV and water and use a cotton ball to apply it to the PHI areas, but that it is ok to use pure ACV if your face can handle it. (I've posted my own topic on my initial experience)

So this is one (very) cheap way on getting ride of you PHI according to many, and you don't really have much to lose in giving it a try.

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Will it just work on regular hyperpigmentation? I've never had acne and don't have scarring or anything like that. I want to know if there's something out there that I can buy that will eliminate the darkened skin.

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