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OK ya'll I have been on Dan's Regimen and it was working GREAT!!!

Best thing I have ever found and soooo cheap in comparison to everything else I have tried.

I had mostly cystic acne for the last 2-3years. I get them mostly on the cheeks, chin, and jawline.

I noticed a big diff within 4 days and was esatic. I was completley clear other than the red spots from the old acne and that was going down significantly at the two week mark.(FRI)

On Saturday I wake up with not one but 4 new cysts. Granted these are less big, painful and red but I am so discouraged. I wake up on Sunday and have another one!

WTF is going on? Is this normal?

I wasn't doing the moisturizer after every washing at first like directed but other than that I did everything to the 'T.'

I started the moisturizer after every wash last Wed and am wondering if this has something to do with it. I am using Eucerin (sensitive skin) Extra Protective Lotion.

I really want this to be the answer to my prayers so please tell me if you had a similar experience and give me the motivation to continue this regimen.

By the way, I currently am using the Basis Basic Bar and Dan's BP gel. (great stuff!)

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Thanks for the tip! Sucks cuz I am definitly a tummy sleeper. I make my self fall asleep on my back but I always wake up on my tummy. I will try to change them though........

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Breakouts are common on the way to clear skin. Go ahead and stick with the regimen strictly for 2 months. What you are experiencing is normal. You may break out another time after this, or even another time after that, but the breakouts should lessen, just like you are experiencing. Keep us posted.

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