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Can I MAKE my own probiotic?

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Dotty - I bought the ultimate flora critical care 3 days ago... I believe I'm having die off, which I was fairly certain I had cleared already, but all the signs are there. It seems a solid product. Frkn expensive though...

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Well I just got back from the super market and I bought a half gallon of organic whole milk. I was almost going to buy the non-organic whole millk since it was half the cost but couldn't do it. After knowing about all the anti-biotics and hormones they put in that milk I could never drink it. I'll see how the organic milk goes!

First time drinking cow's milk in a year, pretty crazy! I'm excited though, after reading studies dealing with workouts Im really pumped. Supposedly organic whole milk can be a better supplement for workouts then just about every man made supplement out there. The studies I were reading were crazy. They had a team of olympic cyclists cycle until they were completely exhausted, then they had them rest for 1 hour. Then they all drank 1 cup of organic whole milk. Then 30 min later they cycled again until they couldn't go any more. The average time for the cyclists went up 49%!! Insane. So I'm interested in seeing if I feel a lot more stamina through my work out today, I have kempo for 2 hours, and it's an intense work out.

Not only that but I'm interested in the other benefits of whole milk. I might not need my probiotic anymore. And milk will help things move smoothly, I've been a little backed up lately.

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