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I ordered two bp gels and only got 1

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I ordered two bp gels at the same time and only got one. Has anyone else ordered more then one at a time? I thought they would come in the same package so it's kinda weird i only got one and still haven't got other. I don't wanna get ripped off don't know who to talk to for shipping order.

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They are supposed to come in the same package. Was the seal tight when it arrived? Please write to [email protected] explaining your situation and give them your order number or first and last name you ordered with. We will send you another tube right away. Sorry about that.

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Hi Dan, I ordered 2 tubes and a few minutes ago recieved 2 tubes...the problem is that almost all of the bp gel leaked out all over the inside of the envelope. I just sent an email to the support people; I'm sure this can be taken care of somehow but just in case the email didn't get through I wanted to make sure I could tell you, asap. I was really happy to get the gel shipped so fast, but unfortunately nearly all of it is all over the inside of the envelope...

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Wow - the matter is taken care of, customer service got back to me in an extremely quick and friendly manner, and is shipping me 2 replacement tubes plus an additional tube at no cost, priority mail. I have to say, that is the best customer service I've ever experienced and it makes all the difference in the world. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You've got yourself a very loyal customer now, in record time. smile.gif

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Ya I had the same problem with one that exploded , plus the package took longer then it was supposed to get here so they were going to send me an extra bottle in addition to the 2 I originally paid for. When it got here there was only 2 and one had exploded/leaked or something, so I send them an email telling them what happened and they resent my orginal order of 2 bottles PLUS 2 more bottles for free with Priority shipping, so I ended up with 5 and a half bottles (the one that exploded still had about half in it) while only paying for 2 :]. They really do care about their customers and I will be gladly ordering more from them for a long time.

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