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Apologies if this is in the wrong forum.

I'm 25 and have been suffering from Mild to Moderate acne since I was about 15. I've been through just about every antibiotic treatment you can get. Between 18-21 i also used Benzol peroxide but this had a dreadful reaction on my skin making it REALLY flaky and I suffered badly from redness. After 21 I came off this and just stuck with my tetracycline tablets. At 24 I decided that these were no longer doing anything (not that they really did anything in the first place!).

I visited my GP who put me on various other antibiotics. My condition is still as bad as it was when I was 15 now and I'm basically at the end of my tether.

Visited my GP this morning (4th GP in as many years due to them leaving). Told him my situation. He told me that I should consider going back onto the Benzol peroxide as the only way to clear up spots/acne is to dry the face out.

Told him that I WASN'T going down this route again due to what happend before.

He has prescribed me today with Erythromycin Stearate. I willing to try it but no doubt in 6 months I'll be where I am today. Still suffering, no self confidence at all, never going out, considering suicide daily.....you get the picture.

What really took the biscuit however was when the doctor said that every time I passed a bar of soap I should consider giving myself a good wash as soap really helps to dry the skin out which reduces the acne. What utter crap!

I've done my research over time on the net and the first thing that you're told is not to use soap for the very reason that it dries your skin out which actually makes things worse.

Also how unsympathetic he and every other GP is about the condition.

I have spots all over my back too. What did my last GP suggest? Sunbathing. If I wanted freaking skin cancer........

He also told me, and I quote '..........you've just got to live with it........'

I've just lost all confidence in the medical profession. After 10 years I'm no better off - still suffering.


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Marc, i've also lost all confidence in medical professionals. They seem to be clueless. I've often wondered, did they become a doctor/nurse only for the nice compensation?

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I had been thinking about using the acne regimine on www.revivalabs.com. I emailed them and they said there was no BP in it at all. I want to check out the boards and see if anyone else has used their stuff.

Two of us in the same family have low to moderate acne. I am allergic to BP and my sister isn't. Go figure!

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