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I've only recently learnt about pH and how products with a pH more alkaline than 5.5 can be damaging to your skin (I finally read the 'why pH is important' topic that this board tells you to read :doh: ).

I've used many various things on my skin, most probably having a high pH and resulting in my skin becoming damaged, therefore leading to my sensitivity and acne. I've recently been using the 'water only' method but just found that water has a pH of 7 which is more alkaline than the skin's natural pH of 5.5

So basically, I've ordered the 'sedamed' range; all a pH of 5.5. I'm hoping this will allow my skin to re-form the acid mantle and the acidic nature will kill bacteria and prevent sensitivity and acne (magically curing all of my problems :pray: )

I'm wondering if anyone else has experience from using a similar method of using pH 5.5 on their skin?

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water has a PH of 7,yes...but that is neutral. Therefore,I don't think it should alter ph. I have heard of people saying their tap water is higher (more base) than 7,though.

You can use a cleanser with a more alkaline ph,and still make up for it with the next step of your regimen. You can email companies and ask for their PH information,too. Just because they don't list their ph on the bottle doesn't mean they don't record it.

The ph of all your products doesn't have to be perfect 5.5 I don't think.

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