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Whats is the best of..Well..Everything

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I need people to recommend the best products of the following:


Body wash

benzoyl peroxide

Scars cream's or something good for scars

Acne cream's

Please let me know what the best product of the above work for you. K, Thanks :)

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Cleanser's - Spectro Cleanser.

Body wash - Water.

benzoyl peroxide - Benzaclin(Prescription), or oxy's spot treatment.

Scars cream's or something good for scars - I use Derma E Scar Gel

Acne cream's - BP is sort of an acne cream..

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You might want to have a look at the Holy Grail Thread to see some of people's favorite products. You've probably heard this before, but everyone's skin is different and you have to experiment to find out what works for you! Now for products I've had success with...

Cleanser's - Murad's AHA/BHA cleanser, Dermalogica's acne cleansers, Mychelle's cleansers

Body wash - water, carley's BP scrub

benzoyl peroxide - Doesn't work out well for me other than carley's bp scrub.

Scars cream's or something good for scars - any clay mask with sulfur works great for my scars, and prevents scarring as well (it kind of forces the acne to flake off somehow)

Acne cream's - not sure if you mean moisturizers, but I like Mychelle's acne balancing cream.

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Cleanser: Avalon Vit C cleanser

Body wash: Not sure. I don't have body acne, but my friend uses a BP face wash on her body and it seems to help

benzoyl peroxide: Neutrogena on the spot

Scars cream or something good for scars: jojoba oil

Acne cream: Other than BP, tea tree oil is pretty good

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Freeman('s?) used to make the best face cleanser I've ever used. Contained salicylic acid and triclosan. It was a in purple or pink and transparent tube with like funky late '80's or early 90's patterns on the outside. Almost 1986-looking bottle. That must have been 15 years ago.

The best benzoyl peroxide product without question was the original GSK Oxy 10 tinted, though the white stuff was a close second. No other cream or lotion I've used has ever come remotedly close to those products. Current Oxy brand is not the same stuff. I'm wondering if it's possible to still buy the GSK product with a prescription...

If price is no object (and assuming after 8 years it's the same stuff), Biomani's cleanser and 3-ingredient treatment lotion are amazing. Especially the cleanser. The lotion's a bit sticky and probably doesn't have enough BP or acid for my skin, but worked pretty well. For a long time I was still using it for spot treatment even with a little left in the bottle. The cost the doctor sells it for is outrageous, though.

I'm still on my quest to find cheap, potent benzoyl peroxide cream/lotion. There's also no reason it can't have acid and sulfur in it at a cheap price.

And I haven't found a "perfect" cleanser. The best I've come up with for the price is mixing Albertson's baby shampoo with Neutrogena's foaming cleanser in the blue bottle. Add a little salicylic acid powder, and it's ready to go. Dan's isn't too bad, but is a bit weak if you've got petroleum jelly or mineral oil on your face.

Soon I'll probably start buying bulk hand or body liquid soap base. I may also experiment with bulk body lotion base and concentrated BPO liquid from a chemical supply store.

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