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Mositurizing problems

Im about 3 weeks into the regimen I believe...first using Neutrogena then recently I got Dan's bp (pretty awesome stuff)

anywho...with Dan's bp....the mositurizer STILL kind of "lifts up" the bp that was already applied....anyone might know what the problem is? I gently massage it in for a long time, too. Also...I'm having a hard time staying moist. Even with mositurizer on, I gently brush my face and it still feels like sandpaper without peeling most of the time.

i decreased the amount of BP also...

I'm also noticing that my skin kind of has like, pigmented dots (aka...spots of darker skin and lighter skin). this is probably as a result of peeling...but i was wondering if exfoliating wash would help it? I'm just dying to peel all of this excess skin off...Proactiv's revitalizing toner used to me a solution to this cause it's take off all the skin with that cotton pad.

any help?

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What moisturizer are you using? If you are not using Eucerin Skin Renewal, give it a shot. It is by far the best moisturizer I have ever tried.

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Howdy Madden,

I'm an almost year long user of the regimine myself. I would highly reccomend the Eucerin Renewal moisturizer as Dan did; i too found that I had moisturizing problems when attempting to use the combination skin Neutrogena oil-free moisturizer after applying BP.

For post-BP application moisturizer, you can't beat Eucerin renewal. You just have to be careful with it if you are fair skinned because in tandem with the BP it'll make ya a bit red....

Anyways I use that exact moisturizer on my skin when i don't apply BP (I have serious redness issues so I can't use the regimine twice a day) and find that it is absolutely wonderful to use without BP. With BP, however, I find it to be quite clumpy and sometimes ineffective. As with all products though, your milage may vary.

In summary I too reccomend that you try out the Eucerin Renewal, its really great post-BP. Hope that helped

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thanks for the recommendations. I went out and purchaed Eurecin Skin Renewal and just like you both said, it's working wonders. Thanks for all your help. I am using EXACTLY what Dan uses/recommends and it's really working for me. Hope it'll keep up! 2.5 weeks so far!

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