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I've been on Dan's regimen for 1 month now. I'm so excited about my progress so far that i've decided to share my experience with the regimen, and how i went about it.

Initially, i had moderate acne all over my cheeks and chin... very noticable lesions but not quite cystic... I also had my cheek area covered with red marks.. so it looked like i had sort of rosy cheeks.. (not good being a guy) and that was really embarrassing.

Week 1:

I started the first week with only BP gel and cetaphil gentle cleansing bar.

The first 3 days i experienced a very irritating burn on my cheeks with the BP, but that subsided by the fifth day. I only did the regimen at night, and i used a small amount (half a finger). I noticed by the end of the week that i didn't have anymore moderate size lesions forming.. and i was only left with one's i had started with (something that never happens)

Week 2:

I decided to start doing it twice a day, so i went out and bought Cetaphils SPF 15 moisturizer. I continued to use the same cleanser, and i used an entire fingers worth each time. My face no longer burned, but i had a lot of flaking going on... so i countered it with putting lots of moisturizer.

I only had one big lesion form during that week.. but i noticed, to my surprise, that a lot of smaller ones were forming.

Week 3:

I continued the same routine...but i flaked a lot and more small pimples were forming! I was frustrated, so i kept putting more moisturizer. Little did i know that the moisturizer was actually breaking me out.. dry.gif I read online that this particular moisturizer was known to break out... so i quit using it for a few days. Not surprisingly.. my face was almost acne free!

Week 4:

I bought eucerin skin renewal spf 15 and noticed a big difference. Less flaking and no break outs. I continued the regimen like before. I get isolated pimples from time to time but it's under much more control now than when i began.

My family has taken note of the difference of my face now! But i still have red marks that linger and a few inconspicuous scars. I don't know how long i have to deal with these, so i don't feel totally clear yet. But I'm am elated to know that this might actually be it. I'll be able to live again. The only thing I'm afraid of now is how pissed and discouraged i'd get if i were to have a break out... i don't know if i could deal with it =\

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When I cleared up due to the regimen, I felt exactly the same way. "When am I going to breakout? This is just a fluke." But it's not. If you keep up with the regimen precisely you should be good to go. This is not to say that you may not experience another breakout on your way to clear skin, or that once you are clear you will never experience a small breakout again, but you sound like you're on your way to clear skin. Congrats.


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