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18y/o Male on accutane, questions regarding working out

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i did one month of accutane on 20mg, then 40mg a few weeks later and now im on 80mg 3rd week on it.

my first question is why does my acne flare up after i workout ? is it the sweat/hormones?

second question, i used to take this preworkout stimulant

it made me break out.. and i noticed caffeine in general made me breakout so i cut it out of my diet.

then i slowly brought it back into my diet with coffee 12oz before i worked out, if i order a pwo stimulant similar to that one, will it affect accutane?

also how long does a IB last? i got 30 zits all over my face from going from 40mg to 80...

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yo ive been on accutane for almost a week now and i too workout alot and i used to take a pre workout stimulant also (jack3d), now i'm a bit hesitant to buy another tub and use it while on accutane...

but anyways, have u been able to workout normally? like no muscle fatigue or soreness out of the ordinary or loss in strength or anything? It seems like i got a little weaker on accutane and had to lower some of the weights

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more fatigue

you get weaker

joint aches

i get sore heels/aching heels especially after i work out.

does no one look at this subforum ? -___-

btw bob, i saw your log and your face looks familiar are you from NY ?

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I quit working out during my accutane dose. Seems like a bad idea to me, going to take it easy on the joints...

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im about to start low dose accutane (20mg every otehr day) i have mild/moderate acne.

my question is, is it ok to take protein shakes whilst on accutane or even just with acne? will it make it worse or it will have no effect what so ever?

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i think protein shakes would be fine, esp if you drink with water.

watch your vit A intake.

this board isnt very helpful

110 views, 3 replies... none answering my questions, instead asking more questions

[email protected]"acne".org


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3 month ish in

35 days on 80mg

used retin-a to help clear up IB, working like a charm... hopefully accutane can stop future breakouts, and this can cure the IB and ill be good =)

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