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A friend of mine told me she had the same reaction to proactiv as I did, it made my skin look and feel horrible (I even had to go to the eye doctor because the cleanser got in my eye, ouch) Anyway, she was raving about this stuff she got from Walmart which totally cleared her up called AcneFree. I looked it up, and it is a Proactiv imitation!!!! I am so confused how Proactiv made her skin look worse and the imitation cleared her up. Can anybody shed some light on this or has anybody had the same/similar experience??

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Maybe it isn't quite as harsh as Proactiv?

I wouldn't buy the imitation either way, because Proactiv just made a mess of my face. I wouldn't want to buy something that imitated something that messed up my face. tongue.gif

Give Botchla's regimen a try. I had the same Proactiv problem as you, and Botchla's regimen is doing wonders on my face. It might do the same for you.

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what Imitation? it's just a packaged BP regimen. there are lots of these out there, and you can make your own buying stuff off the shelf.

thats what dan regimen is too. just a daily routine of washing, and using BP.

the trick to making one work is finding the right combo for your skin. some people react differenty to 2.5% than to 5% and some people get their face all dryed out by the different astringents and facial soaps and exfoliating agents, since every product is a little bit different.

I personally use a system of Clean & Clear foaming cleanser, proactiv's glycolic acid, and Duac BP Gel - its not an imitation of anything, just my own customized BP regimen.

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