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marks, scars or what?

hey, i have mild to slightly moderate acne, but i find that any pimple i have no matter how big or small leaves a brownish spot on my skin. It lightens a lot after a few days but u can still see it afterwards, and dont dissapear until a month or two later.

*i am also slightly tanned.

Right now all i do is use C&C CC 10% bp wash. I drink lots of water and run a lot and that seems to get my acne under control...maybe 1 pimple every month. But these marks on my skin keep it from looking flawless. What can i do to rid of them faster, or do they never go away?

I was reading on botchl;as reigmen that an SA wash will help remove these marks. DOes that work too? Also i heard using tape helps to speed up the process. Exactly whats the method of using tape?

Many thanks,


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They will improve with time and with a Salicylic Acid wash, so your doing good. You could also try using the vinegar and tape method, drinking lots of water and some Vitamin C (2 or 3g) is good too. Also check the FAQ

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any guess on how long they usually take to go away?

So they arent scars right?, thank god. huh.gif

Also can u plz explain about how to do the tape method, how much a week, and so on.


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